Too Faced Teases Mascara-Inspo Heels, Fans Freak Out

Jerrod Blandino's signature "sneaky peeks" are getting better and better. The Too Faced co-founder and creative guru just teased stiletto heels inspired by Too Faced's best-selling Better Than Sex mascara and yes, Too Facers, beauty obsessives, and fashionistas proceeded to freak out.

Better Than Sex is a beloved mascara and it deserves matching heels that remind us just how long and sexy the product makes our lashes. It's one of my fave mascaras because it makes my super straight lashes more lush.

Despite the excitement and hype, these heels, which have the phrase "Better Than Sex" stamped on the sole, are promotional. The shoe is a "prop" created for advertising purposes. Blandino hashtagged that critical detail in the second photo he posted of the shoes.

It doesn't appear that the heels will ever be made available commercially... unless, of course, the passionate fan reaction dictates a limited edition run of heels. We can dream, can't we?!

These facts haven't stopped fans from gawking over them... because they inspire that sort of attention and awe.

Blandino posted the heels and reminded followers to be a stiletto in a room full of flats — talk about standing tall!

Some fans thought the original image of the heels looked like a sex toy, which Blandino found humorous. Other commenters were posting their shoe sizes because they covet these heels.

This was the first tease.

This is a better vantage point of the entire presentation of the heels and where Blandino offered more intel about the heels. Sadly, the brand isn't producing them for purchase... yet!

The reaction could cause Blandino and co. to rethink this "prop." It's true that the brand is not in the shoe business; it's in the makeup business. But collabs that cross categories can and do happen. Too Faced did partner with Quay for a pair of shades last year, so...

Too Faced fans threw sizes at Blandino left and right.

It's hard to deny this sort of response.

The disappointment over the fact that these heels are props is palpable.

Remember the Too Faced-branded, dark rinse denim jacket that Blandino showed off? That was a custom piece that has not been commerially produced.

For now, fashionistas and Too Facers are relegated to visually admiring the Better Than Sex Heels because you won't be able to strut your stuff in them.

Or perhaps Blandino can repurpose the prototypes and dole them out to bloggers to use the soles as a foundation appliactor hack... since that actually happened.