Travis Scott Really Went Above & Beyond With This Romantic Surprise For Kylie Jenner

Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Travis Scott has done it again. Thought this man had mastered the art of the grand gesture already? Think again. Travis Scott's latest romantic gesture for Kylie Jenner — as chronicled by the social media queen's new Instagram post — pretty much blows all past attempts out of the water. No, seriously. If there were a competition for "most extravagant public display of affection," Scott would win first prize.

Courtesy of a gorgeous video posted to Jenner's IG account late Tuesday night, Nov. 6, the rapper surprised his girlfriend (and the mother of their daughter, 9-month-old Stormi) with a truly epic collection of roses and lit candles lining her home's entryway. In pretty typical fashion for Scott, a "collection," in this case, really means something like "hundreds" — at least. For those who'd like to attempt a floral headcount themselves, feel free to check out Jenner's IG post. Fair warning, though: There were enough roses in her living room to fill a greenhouse on Valentine's Day.

Though Jenner didn't specifically credit Scott in the video, it seems pretty clear that her man was behind this especially grand romantic gesture. Captioning her IG post, Jenner wrote, "hell of a way to end the night," ostensibly referencing Scott's 2013 banger, "Hell of a Night," which played in the background of her IG video. Whether or not the song was all part of Scott's plan for the sweet setup isn't totally clear, fans probably shouldn't put it past him. And, either way — has this guy outdone himself, or what?

So, what's the occasion? Maybe he didn't need one. After all, it's often the gifts we receive for no particular reason that mean the most. And it sounds like Scott is more than aware of that. Two weeks ago, on Oct. 15, Jenner shared a similar video to her IG account that pictured a different — but nonetheless impressive — floral arrangement, also gifted to her by her beau. (Who, by the way, she called her "hubby" in the post's caption.)

This time, Jenner's video saw rows and rows of pink and white floral bouquets situated throughout her home, with additional layers of petals scattered across the floor. She captioned it, "just because flowers are the best kind." Hard to argue with that, especially when "just because flowers" look like these.

Fans of Jenner and Scott's relationship know the musician is certainly stranger to gift-giving. Namely, of the floral arrangement variety. (Fans of the KarJenner family in general know he's not alone in that, either. Did everyone catch the floral arrangements Kanye West gave Kim Kardashian last month?) Back in March, in honor of Stormi's 1-month birthday, Scott surprised Jenner with an equally lush floral setup, also awaiting her at home.

In a video posted to her Instagram Story on March 1, Jenner offered followers a glimpse into the first of many floral oases that would eventually crop up in her home's entryway throughout the rest of the year. Jenner captioned the video, "ok baby daddy," very obviously referencing her daughter's father.

So, what's next on the grand gestures list? A botanical garden? If there were any way to recreate a pop-up version in Jenner's foyer, it seems safe to say he'd probably go for it.