Troian Bellisario's New Movie Gives Off 'PLL' Vibes

by S. Atkinson

You know what's extra special about the trailer for Troian Bellisario's movie Feed? For one thing, it shows the actor starring alongside none other than Tom Felton. If that name is ringing a very, very faint bell and conjuring up feelings of adolescence and crushing on wizards, that's probably because you once loved to hate him in his role as Harry Potter's Draco Malfoy. Felton stars as Matt, the twin brother of Olivia Grey (played by Bellisario).

But the other interesting aspect of the movie is the way it seems to draw on both Bellisario's real life and her Pretty Little Liars character for inspiration. The 31-year-old has been open about the way the movie, which she penned herself, references her own struggles with anorexia. The Los Angeles native told Interview magazine that she made the movie as a way of explaining her experience to those closest to her. She said,

"There was a story in me that hadn't been told... and it came from a point in my life when I felt like I had experienced something and, still to this day, I couldn't get anyone... even my boyfriend or my mother or my father — to understand what that experience was truly like for me."

Bellisario continued,

"I found there were so many people who thought that it was about losing weight or being skinny, and I couldn't quite get them to understand that it was about control on a very, very literal level."

When you watch the trailer, you'll find that while it's clearly drawing from the actor's own experiences, there's another distinct darkness there: that of Spencer Hastings. On one hand, this seems like a lazy parallel — of course, you'd associate the star with her most famous role. But it's all there in the trailer, like when the school staff asks if she's been stressed or anxious, or if she's "on something." This feels like a direct reference to Hastings' issues with study drugs, which lead to insomnia, making her even more spaced out than A's torture.

Then, there's the obsession with scholastic perfection. In the trailer, Olivia asks, "Do I not have the highest grades anymore?" Once again, that feels like textbook Spencer, who regularly makes statements like, "I've been in the library so much, I'm on a first-name basis with the homeless guy that sleeps next to the microfiche." Heck, and that fancy party and the air of privilege? Presumably this family, just like her PLL one, has a whole heap of money.

Even her dark relationship with her twin has moments of parallels with the two Hastings sisters, Spencer and Melissa, who seem simultaneously close and tormented by each other.

So whether you'd like to get more insight into Bellisario herself, or you're just jonesing for that distinctive Spencer mix of ambition and angst, Feed may just have you covered. Maybe Pretty Little Liars doesn't have to be over after all.