Seriously, ‘Bachelor’ Fans Have No More Patience For Mike Fleiss’ Teasing Tweets

As if trying to figure out who the 2018 Bachelor will be wasn't hard enough, all of the tweets from Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss are making it close to impossible to decipher. Over the past week, the producer and writer has been taking to Twitter to clue people into the ins and outs of the ABC franchise, but Fleiss' teasing Bachelor tweets are actually doing more harm than good — in other words, they're seriously annoying fans.

Fans usually have an inkling about which former Bachelorette contestant will become the next Bachelor each year. The lucky guy is customarily the standout competitor from the season prior, and more often than not, he made it far in the competition. The decision to cast Nick Viall as the star of Bachelor Season 21 was arguably one of the moments that changed the course of the selection pattern, however. And with the early revealing of Rachel Lindsay as the Season 13 Bachelorette, the show proved, once again, that sticking to tradition is something it's no longer interested in doing.

Per Fleiss' Twitter account, fans have been taken on one heck of a ride since Lindsay's Bachelorette season ended. From mentioning that supposed huge announcements are going to be made to teasing Viall as the Season 22 Bachelor, actually getting a straight answer from Fleiss is practically impossible these days.

But hey, after more than 20 years of production, it's understandable that Fleiss is growing tired of the predictable air the franchise carried. He's doing everything in his power to throw enthusiasts off the Bachelor Nation trail, but all of his phony clues, disguised as helpful hints, are anything but suspenseful.

What was once playful and built a sort of fun apprehension has officially caused Fleiss' Twitter followers distress, and they refuse to be silent about it. The responses to Fleiss' pseudo-helpfulness aren't pretty — from folks deeming him a liar to asking that he stop tweeting altogether — and at this point, it seems as though unfollowing the Bachelor creator would be the healthiest option for everyone.

All people want are answers, but all Fleiss seems to be interested in delivering are false hope, unnecessary drama, and growing frustration. And if he isn't careful, fans may just lose interest entirely.