You Can Buy Milk That Tastes Just Like Twix & Snickers Bars

Courtesy of Brands

I'm not one who throws around the phrase "unholy union" a lot, but I think in this case it is definitely justified. If you've ever taken the simple, unadulterated glass of milk and thought, "God, I wish this was basically a candy bar" — then today is your lucky day. Snickers milk and Twix milk are about to be a thing. I know what you're thinking — and no, I don't mean milkshakes. I mean milk. You know, milk? The white stuff. The stuff they claim "does a body good." It's getting the Snickers treatment and the Twix treatment... for some reason.

@CandyHunting, the Instagrammer with a keen eye and an inside scoop on all things delicious, recently posted that Twix milk and Snickers milk are coming soon. In fact, per a press release provided to Bustle, they'll be hitting refrigerator aisles country-wide in late May — so if you keep your eyes peeled, you may be spying the Snickers and Twix milk options very soon indeed. I can only assume that these are meant to be combined with Reese's Peanut Butter Puffs, Lucky Charms, or some other cereal that is basically candy to turn your mornings into the sweetness orgy of your dreams. Or my dreams. Someone's dreams.

Sold in 14-ounce bottles with 14 grams of protein per bottle, plus the fact that they're Snickers- or Twix-flavored — all I can say is that these milks are not messing around. They'll be retailing with a suggested price of $2.49 each — not much when you consider that they basically will make your childhood wish of candy for breakfast come true. Or, at the very least, amp up your morning coffee.

And it certainly seems like they're delivering on the key notes of the candy bars. According to the company, the Snickers option "delivers a bold, nutty flavor balanced with the intense sweetness of gooey caramel and rich chocolate." Sounds about right to me. The Twix version, meanwhile "combines the three harmonious flavors of smooth chocolate, rich caramel and cookie to deliver a satisfying taste." I don't imagine the milk is trying to recreate that classic Twix crunch — because crunchy milk would be hella weird — but the flavor combination is always appreciated.

Courtesy of Twix

If you do prefer your milk with a little shake in it — and if you want to experience the classic milkshake with your favorite candy blended in — there are definitely ways to make that happen. Burger King Twix shakes have been spotted, albeit it only at selected locations, and if you happen to be on the other side of the pond then there the much-beloved Twix McFlurry option is making a comeback. And there's the Twix Triple Chocolate Ice Cream Bar, which is just kind of a showoff. Of course if Snickers are more your thing, there is always the classic Snicker Ice Cream Bar and 2019 is indeed the year of the Dark Chocolate Snickers Ice Cream Bar, for those of you fancy grownups who think you're too good for milk chocolate even though it is clearly superior.

Candy milk may sound like a childhood dream — or maybe even your adult dream — but they are very, very. I'll see you in the refrigerator aisle at the end of May.