Tyler C. Competed To Be David Spade's PA, But It Ended Just Like 'The Bachelorette'

ABC/Ed Herrera

While he didn't have a happy ending on The Bachelorette, runner-up and fan-favorite Tyler Cameron is still living his best life post-reality TV. Most recently, the 26-year-old model appeared on Lights Out with David Spade and engaged in a competition all-too-familiar for Bachelor fans: a rose ceremony. Tyler C. competed for David Spade's rose on the late-night talk show segment, but just like on The Bachelorette, his journey ended empty-handed.

As Spade explained in the Comedy Central sketch, Tyler was trying his hand at being a production assistant for the series. "It's not bad. The pay's good. I have my own parking spot. And six girls on the staff have already proposed to me," Tyler joked. After the host said the proposing part sounded a little "unprofessional," Tyler clarified that he said no to all of the women.

The former Saturday Night Live star then shared some bad news about Tyler's employment: They could only keep one PA. So, who was Tyler up against? A slightly disheveled guy named Johnny. To borrow Chris Harrison's language, it was one of the most dramatic moments in Lights Out with David Spade history. After some banter between the competitors, Spade ultimately gave his rose, and the PA spot, to Johnny, meaning Tyler came in second yet again.

Before they said goodbye, Spade had a final request for the former Bachelorette suitor. He asked if Tyler could take his shirt off, which he complied with in real-life, slo-mo glory. To cap off the funny bit, the host actually clarified that the request was for Johnny, giving Tyler the shaft one last time.

Tyler's comedic turn on Lights Out was actually pretty reminiscent of his time on The Bachelorette. On the ABC series, he competed for Hannah Brown's heart and made it to the final two alongside Jed Wyatt. But before Tyler got the chance to propose, Hannah revealed she'd be giving her final rose to Jed. (As Bachelor Nation is well aware, Hannah and Jed's engagement ended shortly after the series wrapped, thanks to reports that Jed had a girlfriend at home while filming took place.)

Even though he didn't win Hannah's heart, Tyler is clearly winning post-Bachelorette. The former contestant, who's amassed tons of Bachelor Nation fans, is doing well in both his professional and personal life. Not only has he continued his modeling career, but he's also been a driving force behind ABC Food Tours, an organization which helps create experimental learning platforms for children in underserved communities. Additionally, he's made headlines for his possible romance with supermodel Gigi Hadid. The two have been hanging out quite a bit, although during an interview with Entertainment Tonight in late September, he claimed the two were "just friends."

Between his time on The Bachelorette and Lights Out with David Spade, the fan-favorite has developed an unfortunate habit of coming in second place. But based on how well Tyler's life is going beyond that, fans don't need to worry about him taking his runner-up status to heart.