You Can Buy Unicorn Morsels & Make Pastel Cookies Now

If you didn't already think chocolate chip cookies were the most magical things in the world (which they definitely are), this better convince you. Toll House has gotten into the unicorn game with a bang by introducing Toll House Unicorn Morsels, little unicorn-themed chips ready to take your baking to a whole new level. Instagrammer @JunkFoodOnTheGo spotted these delicious delights at Walmart, along with Toll House Espresso Morsels for the coffee lovers out there. Basically, no matter what your tastebuds are, your day just got a whole lot sweeter.

But I'm all about the unicorns. "Add a MAGICAL twist to your everyday treats," the description explains. "Bake into your favorite cookies and brownies, or top pancakes and cupcakes with our colorful morsels to bring unicorn wonder to your creation." They come in a delightful millennial pink and blue swirl of color and they're flavored with real vanilla. So your chocolate chip cookies just got a blondie, unicorn twist. I'm just imagining the photos of chocolate chip cookies made with these and then the eating — mostly the eating, obviously. I feel like those little pink and blue swirls are going to look so delicious melted. I may need a private moment right now.

In a way, I'm surprised that these haven't already been a thing — especially with unicorns being so darn popular right now. And though not everyone loves unicorns and all things sparkling and swirly, that's OK. For the more mature among with you developed palates and all that, there are also the Toll House Espresso Morsels. Made with real coffee, they promise to make your brownies and cookies more delicious and more coffee-y, which is always a win.

Although the espresso option might be good for adding a richer flavor, I think people are going to be very stoked indeed about unicorn chips now being readily available. Considering that Unicorn Funfetti Mix has finally debuted on the scene, I'm seeing a definite potential for some creative combinations. Adding Unicorn Morsels to you Unicorn Funfetti, anyone? Or using the Unicorn Morsels to decorate the Unicorn Funfetti cake? I'm getting very hungry just thinking about it.

It's good news for anyone who was green with envy (me) about the fact that the Burger King Unicorn Shake wasn't available in the U.S., which made me feel personally attacked. Now you can get all of your unicorn baked goods sorted out, combine it with Unicorn Tears wine — an actual sparkly pink wine that exists — and feel like you're living your own magical, mystical adventure. In food form, of course. Then, just spend the rest of the day lounging on a unicorn pool float and life will be complete. And having another kind of a unicorn (a private company valued at over $1 billion dollars), wouldn't be too bad either.

Baking is a great hobby because it's wholesome, easy, and, most importantly, you get to eat things. That's the dream. Whether you're a keen baker or an occasional chocolate chip eater, it doesn't really matter. Unicorn Morsels and Espresso Morsels both give totally new, dynamic flavor options — so you should probably stock up on both, just in case.