Urban Outfitters Has Corgi Dishware & You'll Want Every Piece

by Megan Grant
Urban Outfitters

OMG so weird — weren't you just saying the other day how you're thinking about redoing your entire kitchen in a corgi motif? There's no time like the present, especially because Urban Outfitters has corgi dishware, and you'll probably never consume food and beverages the same way again.

You don't have to own a corgi to be obsessed with them. Their round, fluffy bodies, their wiggly little butts, the way they leave a trail of fuzz behind them because they shed unlike any other creature on the planet — what's not to love? And besides, if Queen Elizabeth approves of them, they must be OK.

Urban Outfitters had already sensed our corgi crush, because the brand previously delivered a corgi pool float and a nightlight. (Not sure how we got by in life before these existed.) But now, they've really gone and done it with a couple of new kitchen items that look like they were plucked straight from your dreams.

Said items include a mug and a snack bowl, which — intuition tells me — can also serve as a breakfast, lunch, and dinner bowl, a spare change bow, a car keys bowl, and maybe just a bowl you put on your head when you feel like adding some pizzazz to your ensemble. They may not be "practical" or "logical" or "mature" and they probably don't match anything else in your kitchen, but, I mean, look at them.

Don't listen to what anyone says — you absolutely need corgi kitchenware. Can you think of any better way to consume strawberries and whipped cream? Me either.

The mug and bowl are available for the cool prices of $16 and $14 respectively, so get your hands on them before the other corgi lovers of the world snatch UO's entire stock away.

In case you don't want to stop at your kitchen, you'll be glad to know that Urban Outfitters has even more corgi paraphernalia, so you can outfit your entire life in fluffy, round, pudgy CORGI. Behold, the corgi essential oil diffuser, which will fill your heart with peace and warmth and your home with cozy smells.

If you want something a tad more lifelike and realistic in size, this stuffed corgi plushie is going to be your new best friend and cuddle buddy. Wait, which one's real and which one's fake? We might need to pull out the corgi dishware and run a quick comparison just to make sure.

Oh, and BTW? Urban Outfitters has heated corgi slippers, too. Your tootsies will never be cold again. Stay toasty in style, my friend.

I can just picture myself enjoying a cuppa joe in my new mug and maybe some mixed nuts in my bowl, staying cozy with my heated plushie and snuggling with my stuffed animal, just before I hit up the corgi cafe in Bangkok, catch a corgi race, and live my best life.

Can't get enough corgi in your life? Never fear — Urban Outfitters is here.

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