Warner Bros. Won't Release The 'Bachelor In Paradise' Tape For An Important Reason

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

From all reports, the events that led to Bachelor In Paradise Season 4 shutting down production have sounded horrific. Now, Warner Bros. has concluded their investigation into the allegations and found that there was no misconduct. Even more importantly, they won't release the Bachelor In Paradise tapes that were reported to be the key evidence in the situation — but it's for an understandable reason.

In a statement to Bustle, the entertainment company said, in part,

Update: On Tuesday, Corinne Olympios' lawyer Martin Singer released a statement to Bustle that read,

Earlier: Last week, production on Season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise was shut down after allegations arose of a reported nonconsensual sexual encounter between Corrine Olympios and DeMario Jackson, as reported by People and TMZ. Just a few days after the news of the shutdown broke, Olympios released a statement to Bustle about the incident.

Shortly after, Jackson followed that up with his own statement that read,

Jackson's lawyer, Walter Mosley, also told Variety that the footage on the tape would exonerate the former Bachelorette contestant. “The tapes are the real facts needed to vindicate DeMario’s name," Mosley said. However, it makes sense that Warner Bros. would choose not to release them considering Olympios has stated that she has "little memory" of whatever they might depict.

Now that the investigation has been closed and no alleged misconduct was found, the show is apparently set to resume filming. ABC spokesperson confirmed to Bustle that the series is still set to be released at some unspecified point this summer, but there's no word yet on whether or not Olympios and Jackson will return to the cast. Hopefully, whether they do or they don't, they will be afforded privacy and respect.

Editor's Note: This article has been updated from its original version.