Wells Wants Derek To Be The Next Bachelor *So* Badly, He Even Made A Video

Paul Hebert/ABC

The bartender of Bachelor in Paradise has spoken. After Tuesday's episode of Paradise, Wells Adams shared a Derek Peth for Bachelor video on Instagram to let all of Bachelor Nation know — you guessed it! — he wants Derek to be the star of The Bachelor Season 24. And after the Bachelorette alum-turned-Bachelor in Paradise barkeep tossed the gorgeous slideshow of photos that he has taken with Derek over the years up on social media, Sarah Hyland let all of Bachelor Nation know how she feels about her fiancé's post.

When it became clear that Derek's Bachelor in Paradise relationship with Demi Burnett didn't quite pan out, a lot of fans hopped on social media to say they hope he's given a chance to find love on the next season of The Bachelor. Based on Wells's latest IG post, it sure looks like Derek's pal and former Bachelorette costar (whew, JoJo Fletcher's season seems like a lifetime ago, doesn't it?) shares this sentiment.

“#derekforbachelor,” Wells's caption began. “Appreciation video for my roommate on the @bacheloretteabc. My bourbon drinking buddy. My bestie from the TV world and honestly the one of the best guys I’ve ever met. We don’t deserve @pethdererk.”

Hyland hopped in the comment section to share her thoughts on Wells's tribute to Derek. “Only person I wouldn’t be jealous of by you making a montage video," she wrote. And then, Wells replied, "That's good, cus he's staying with us this weekend and that would be awkward."

It feels safe to assume that Hyland would not be mad if Derek was made the next Bachelor, no?

Derek hit it off with Demi right out of the gate on BiP Season 6, and for a moment there, it seemed like they were going to be one of the seasons' "success stories." However, there were signs (read: spoilers) that it would not last. Demi eventually revealed she’d started dating a woman before she headed to Paradise, but she was still figuring out her feelings. “It's this constant indecisiveness in me, and I just feel the only way for me to truly know what I want and how I want to love and who I want to love, is if I try out Paradise,” she explained in a confessional.

Long story short, Demi and Kristian Haggarty reunited on Paradise, Demi got the clarity she was looking for and tearfully ended things with Derek, Derek was incredibly understanding and supportive (but also incredibly bummed that things didn’t work out with a person he was clearly very into), and Kristian was made a member of the BiP cast.

So what's next for, as Demi called him, "the best dude on this beach"? Well, we all know what Wells is rooting for.

Derek could always find love in the final episodes of BiP (or, you know, out in the "real world"), which would render him ineligible for The Bachelor. However, if he's remained single since his time on Paradise, he sure would be a welcome addition to the next Bachelor shortlist.