What 15 People Pack For The Awkward Length Of Thanksgiving Break

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Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching, getting closer and closer with each falling leaf. But before you can dig into the feast and give thanks with your family and friends, you've got to take care of one daunting task: Packing.

What you pack for Thanksgiving break can really make or break the trip. You have to prepare for all weather conditions and activities — and hopefully not forget a single thing. It's seriously a chore. Plus, that's not even to mention that Thanksgiving is an awkward four-day weekend that introduces the fairly complicated task of not overpacking. You've got to resit the urge to jam a carry-on with a week's worth of clothes and whittle down an entire vanity of makeup. It sounds impossible, but surely it can be done.

When planned with careful consideration, your entire Thanksgiving wardrobe can fit into a duffle bag or small suitcase. It's all about simplifying your beauty and fashion routines. To help you pack smart, these fashion and beauty editors, experts, and enthusiasts sharing their must-haves for an extended weekend getaway.

1. Olivia Muenter, Bustle Fashion & Beauty Editor

2. Rachel Parcell, Pink Peonies Blogger & Fashion Designer

Courtesy of Rachel Parcell

3. Erica Simone Schnell, Beauty Influencer

4. Becca Tilley, The Bachelor, Blogger & "Scrubbing in with Becca Tilley" Host

Courtesy of Becca Tilley

5. Amy-Rose Walker, Beauty Expert & YouTuber

6. Christine Andrew, Founder of Hello Fashion & ILY Couture

Courtesy of Christine Andrew

7. Katie Dupere, Bustle Fashion & Beauty Associate Editor

Courtesy of Katie Dupere

8. Jean A. Balk, Chief Creative Officer of Miss A.

Courtesy of Jean A. Balk

9. Sarah Khan, Travel Writer

Courtesy of Sarah Khan

10. Kara McGrath, Bustle Fashion & Beauty Deputy Editor

11. Bethany Brill, Makeup Artist

Courtesy of Bethany Brill

12. Erin K. Simmons, Beauty Blogger

13. Ali Grant, Founder of Be Social

Courtesy of Ali Grant

14. Afshan Shaukat, Makeup Artist & Beauty Expert

Courtesy of Afshan Shaukat

15. Christine Cameron Koehler, Founder of Flora 1761

Courtesy of Christine Cameron Koehler

When it comes to your holiday travels, the moral of the story is pack your best multi-taskers. Whether it's a versatile pair of jeans or an all-in-one beauty kit, multi-purpose pieces will lighten your load and make getting ready on-the-go a breeze.