Here Are The Easter Eggs In Lorde's "Perfect Places", According To Fans

by Amy Roberts
LordeVEVO on YouTube

It's full of stunning imagery, but, as if that wasn't enough, there are also some Easter Eggs in Lorde's video for "Perfect Places" that fans have been getting hyped about finding. The singer revealed the mysterious news on Thursday in a Twitter post following the release of the "Perfect Places" video, tweeting, "a couple cute easter eggs in this video let's see if you spot them." As you might expect, Twitter absolutely lit up in response, but what are the "Perfect Places" easter eggs that Lorde is talking about?

The first thing you need to know, which a surprising amount of people perhaps didn't appear to, is that Lorde probably isn't referencing literal easter eggs with her challenge. Some people were excited about spotting egg-shaped items in "Perfect Places," but the hunt is likely for the other meaning of easter eggs. That is, you're looking for hidden background details that take the form of meta references and inside jokes. Ones that are usually obvious for true fans to pick up on once they know to look out for them.

Lorde has yet to confirm whether any easter egg theories currently circulating on Twitter are correct or not, but some of the following seem like the most interesting.

1. This Visual Callback To A Sober II Lyric

This one definitely seems legit.

2. This Visual Callback To Green Light's Best Lyric

While this one feels a little less obvious than the potential "Sober II" reference, it's still a pretty terrific one. Keep on loving that beach, lady.

3. This Potential Homage To The Music Video For Paramore's "Ignorance"

This could be a particularly touching tribute, due to the fact that Williams is a fan of Lorde's. The Paramore singer even tweeted that she was "thankful" for "Green Light" when it was released.

4. This Scene Could Also Be A Potential Homage To Lorde's Buddy Taylor Swift

The whole touching-a-bulb vibe is a little reminiscent of a similar scene from Swift's video for "I Know You Were Trouble." But the reference could also make sense when you consider Swift and Lorde's close friendship.

5. The Outfit That Appears To Reference Akira Kurosawa's Rashomon

Lorde stand in the jungle wearing a full body umbrella and veil that bears a significant resemblance to the one worn by a character from the classic movie. And, let's face it, it wouldn't be surprising to discover that Lorde is a fan of high brow, classic international cinema.

6. This Possible Tribute To Tarzan's Jane

This comparison is so spot on that it just has to be a genuine easter egg. In 2013, Lorde shared her love for Disney's Tarzan on Twitter, so she's definitely a fan of the movie.

7. This Betty Draper From Mad Men Moment That May Or May Not Have Been Deliberate

In 2015, Lorde tweeted about Mad Men, and said "thanks for being the first to show me that television could be truly rich and TRULY magnificent. i'll love you forever." And this small moment in the video could be the singer's way of truly showing her love for the show.

8. This Visual Pun On "Swinging Party," Her B-Side Cover Song From The "Tennis Court" Single

The song, which was originally by The Replacements, could well have inspired this extraordinary visual.

Here's hoping that other musicians take note and try and put some easter eggs in their videos to come, because "Perfect Places" has been an absolute blast for fans to speculate over.