Here’s Exactly How This Month’s Full Moon Will Be An Emotional Rollercoaster For You


After the introspective nature of the last two Libra full moons in April, the May full moon in moody Scorpio is here to shake things up. If you're wondering what it means when a full moon is in Scorpio, Astrologer Jamie Partridge explained on Astrology King that the May full moon will prompt self-centered and overly rational thinking that could lead to disagreements. What's more, because the May 18, 2019 full moon in Scorpio is opposite Mercury, things are going to be hella frustrating.

"Full moon opposite Mercury makes it harder to share your feelings because of scrambled or polarized thinking. The sun with Mercury means your thinking may become selfish or overly rational, lacking in empathy," Partridge explained on Astrology King. While the two April Libra full moon encouraged introspection and self care, the Scorpio full moon puts an end to any navel gazing and demands you get out of your own head. This is going to be more difficult than it sounds because of the Scorpio full moon's position in relation to Pluto.

"More intense personal interactions will show exactly how you feel about someone and how they feel about you. Relationships will evolve to a deeper level or you will be free to move on," Partridge shared on Astrology King. I don't know about you, but these themes have definitely been bubbling to the surface for me in advance of the May full moon.

Another reason the Scorpio full moon is going to bring so much relationship discord is because it's in opposition to the fixed star Algol, also known as the decapitated head of Medusa, Darkstar Astrology noted on its website. Throw in the May full moon's opposition to Mercury, and things could get pretty dark and twisty.

"Moon opposite Mercury creates a synergy or conflict between the rational mind and gut instincts. The restlessness creates a very driven mood in the collective where we are constantly in a state of flux like the tides washing in and out," Darkstar Astrology explained. However, it's not going to be all bad. "This can [also] make for a very creative, self-purifying period with a huge need to communicate our fluctuating moods to a wider audience. Moon opposite Mercury can manifest as a magic wand once we have come to peace with ourselves and tamed the mind to work with our intuition."

If you've been working through some stuff with a partner, a lover, an ex, a friend, or a family member, the May full moon in Scorpio could finally bring a resolution to relationship strife. "The moon at its fullest phase promises to bring circumstance to light. The full moon brings situations full circle and in Scorpio this speaks of close bonds, consumption and our ability as humans to mate and rebirth," Star Sign Style explained on its website.

So while it might be painful, it's also necessary. For better or worse, this full moon could illuminate whether or not it's best to patch things up or walk away. "Scorpio isn’t concerned with the shiny veneer, the polished presence or glossy facade. It’s beyond people pleasing niceties, it’s more interested in real depth of emotion. Get really, really real [during the full moon], baring your soul, your feelings, your truth," Star Sign Style advised.

While getting to the heart of the matter is encouraged, it's also important to take a beat before you say something you can't take back. "Our will can be strong, and this can help us get through, but we can also be prone to extreme emotions, especially hatred, rage, and envy. We need to have healthy, positive outlets for these emotions so we don't let them take over and make us do something we regret later," The Dark Pixie Astrology cautioned on its website.

If you're into meditation, it's probably a good idea to practice daily now through the full moon so you can center yourself for the coming storm. As Darkstar Astrology noted, the May full moon in Scorpio is also a time of creativity. You might be inspired to sing, write, or paint. Go with it. Having a creative outlet can help you explore some of your emotions before you engage in difficult relationship conversations. While this full moon might feel all doom and gloom, clearing your cosmic and emotional house is actually a good thing. Embrace the discomfort and go forth like the boss you are.