This Month’s New Moon In Virgo Will Inspire Some Serious Productivity

Happy smiling female sitting in yoga pose with namaste hands on a wooden pier by the sea at sunrise ...

On Aug. 30, the skies will go dark as we'll experience the August 2019 new moon in Virgo. As a mutable earth sign, Virgo zodiac energy loves to be organized, helpful, logical, and well-planned. At its best, Virgo is a master planner with a genuine desire to make the world better and an eagle-eye for even the tiniest of details; at its worst, it's a nit-picky, overly-critical perfectionist with a to-do list that's two miles long. August 2019's new moon will reach its peak while it's in Virgo territory, but what does it mean when there's a new moon in Virgo? The significance of this lunar placement makes it an ideal time for cleaning up your act and pulling off a solid clean-up job on your life — and with the moody and emotional moon rising in such an analytical earth sign, it can certainly make us all feel some type of way.

New moons in Virgo almost always take place during Virgo season, which is when the sun is also in Virgo. That's a lot of Virgo energy to deal with — but that's a really good thing when it comes to cleaning up our acts, especially after the month-long overindulgence party that was Leo season! Because Virgo (represented by the symbol of the earth maiden) is a health- and service-oriented sign, we are likely to find ourselves guided toward improvement of the self and others. And because new moons are typically a good time to start fresh, new endeavors and projects (given that they mark the beginning of a new lunar cycle), we should look at the things we can begin or add to our lives in order to make everything run more smoothly, Virgo-style.


"This energy assists us in making very important changes within our lives," explained astrologer Carla Mary of the Virgo new moon on her site. These changes could come in the form of getting a little obsessive and meticulous over our time, energy, and schedules (Virgo is ruled by planet Mercury, after all, which governs over all things timing-related) — think revamping our calendars, replying to overdue e-mails, and following up on all those plans that were discussed but never officially penned. Or, it could come in the form purifying yourself health-wise, on a physical level: Cutting back on alcohol or processed foods, throwing some green smoothies into your morning routine, and hitting the bike trail or yoga mat more often. Or perhaps, you'll simply find yourself going full-on Marie Kondo on your life/apartment/friends — it'll be helpful to sink your teeth into streamling anything that could benefit from some solid reorganizing, really.

"[The Virgo new moon] draws us into listening to our own physical body," Mary continues. "Learn more about your own body; what it needs to heal, nurture and live healthier." Virgo is all about health and purity: That includes your body, mind, and spirit. As the saying goes, "cleanliness is next to godliness" — and during Virgo season and its Virgo new moon, this should be your mantra. Clean up and clean out your home, diet, closets (literal and figurative), schedule, social life, and to-do lists of any sort. Now's the time to embrace new habits and techniques that help you function in a pure, healthy, more simplified way.


Astrologer Lisa Stardust spoke with Bustle about the vibes we'll be feeling during the upcoming August 2019 Virgo new moon in particular. "The New Moon in Virgo is a time to implement change in the way we approach all intellectual matters," says Stardust of this luminary. "We will become more mindful and aware of the energy around us." A propensity toward being more mindful and aware under this new moon isn't for nothing — it's a gift that can help us see clearly the areas of our lives that need our extra attention, and that can benefit from starting new and healthier habits.

This year, there are also a bunch of significant other planets in Virgo during the time of the new moon, making the sign's influence even stronger — especially when it comes to communication, which is Virgo's ruling planet Mercury's main area of dominion. "We will also be more aware of the affect our words have, as Mercury, Venus, and Mars are close in degree to this luminary," explains Stardust. "Our words will have power now. We should choose to express our loveliest and most poignant emotions." When it comes to our lunar-ruled emotions, we should try hard to be impeccable with our word. We'll find ourselves trying to analyze our emotions — perhaps even being overly critical of the emotions of ourselves and others — so it'll be important to process those feelings through verbal or written word.