People Are Describing Their Partner's "O" Face & It's Weirdly Adorable

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When you have an orgasm, it feels like the best thing in the world, but how it looks can be a very different story. Because let's be honest, a lot of orgasm faces are not cute. I normally think of my orgasm face as somewhere between a demented sneeze and a cry for help. And, according to an AskReddit thread, I'm not alone. When asked about what people really thought of their partner's orgasm face, many of them said it was weird AF. The good news? They thought it was sexy as hell anyway. Like many things in the bedroom, o faces are sexy even if they are, objectively, a little weird.

Interestingly though, there were a lot more women talking about men's orgasm faces versus the other way around. Maybe that's because the orgasm gap definitely still exists— so men are having more orgasms in the bedroom. “Men, just based on anatomy, tend to determine when [sex is] over," Dame Products co-founder, Alexandra Fine, tells Bustle. "About 70 percent of women need clitoral stimulation in order to have an orgasm at all.”

But still, it's really interesting to just hear about what real people look like when they orgasm — and to get confirmation that we're not alone in our facial contortions.

Here's what people on Reddit had to say about their partner's orgasm faces, because it turns out weird can be very sexy.


"One Of My Favorite Sights"

I never thought that the phrase "some veins on his forehead" would be used to describe something sexy, but it really is anything goes with orgasm faces.


Wow, Just... Wow

I mean, I don't even know what to say with this. But I kind of hope that it's accurate.



This is the very first time I have ever heard an O face described as handsome — I'm not 100 percent sure that I believe it, but I'm glad that they're enjoying it so much.


Completely Ridiculous

The universal divide — knowing that it looks kind of insane, but loving it anywhere. This is all of us and that's totally OK.


The Best

Damn, that's pretty impressive. Sometimes, it's all about the eyes.


So Surprised

It sounds like this guy might be having a bit of a breakdown every time he reaches orgasm, but he seems to be enjoying it, so, really, who am I to judge?


About To Sneeze

I am not alone! Shout out to all of my fellow orgasm-sneezers. I swear it's a good look — or at least this person thinks it is.


Ready For... Murder?

I mean, that sounds fine. Right? That's definitely fine. Nothing weird going on here — I'm sure that it's all totally fine.


A Different Kind Of Eye Roll

Yup, when the eyes go to the back of their head you know that you're doing something right. Let's just hope that they come back around.


Over The Top

Possession seemed to be a common theme, which is actually kind of terrifying. But at least you know that nothing is too ridiculous.


Hot And Hilarious

The veins. The clenched teeth. It's all happening, but this person is obviously loving it.


The Freeze

Ah yes, the old 'Damn this is sensitive, good job, but please leave now' push. I have definitely been there.



There's a lot happening here. I think maybe I should just leave this person to do some thinking.


This Harsh Truth

How hard of a video game are we talking? And exactly how much does he like this video game? I have a lot of questions.

So it turns out there's really no normal orgasm face — they're all over the damn place. But, luckily, no matter how weird the face is, most of their partners still think that it's totally sexy. So no need to worry, because anything goes.