What Happened To Dizzee on 'The Get Down'? The Artist's Tagging Days May Over


The Get Down's first season ends on a downer note, with most characters separated and going in different directions. Everyone seems to have a pretty clear fate, except for the alien of The Get Down Brothers, Dizzee Kipling (Jaden Smith). What happens to Dizzee on The Get Down finale could affect the course of the series if it comes back for a second season. (Spoilers for Part 2 of The Get Down!) But his last scene in the finale episode has a vague ending. There are multiple ways in which Dizzee's final moments in Season 1 could lead to things going very badly for him, but fans may never find out Dizzee's fate if there isn't a Get Down Season 2.

At the end of Season 1 of The Get Down, it looks like Zeke is going to Yale, Mylene is going to California, Boo-Boo is going to a holding cell, Shaolin Fantastic is going back to Fat Annie, and Dizzee is going to... the afterlife? The final shot of Dizzee shows him and his tagging partner Thor running from the authorities and ending up in a tunnel facing a speeding train. With no clear exit in sight, the camera slowly zooms in to Dizzee's face and then fades to footage of a running train. So what happened here? There are a few ways that this ambiguous scene could go in Season 2.

Option 1: Dizzee Is Dead

The absolute worst-case scenario. Dizzee's death could prove to be a catalyst for the remaining Get Down Brothers to get back to the music. It could also be a convenient way to write Dizzee out of the story if Jaden Smith is too busy with other projects to come back for another season. Either way, if this was really Dizzee's last stand, this alien will be surely missed.

Option 2: Dizzee Is Under Arrest

Each of The Get Down Brothers has a problem with authority — and strong reasons for it. Dizzee's more spiritual rejection of "The Man" comes out through his artwork and self-expression, which would make it all the more heartbreaking if his art is what leads him into the hands of the authorities. Tagging was always going to be dangerous, but having to choose between death or surrender is far more than Dizzee signed up for.

Option 3: Dizzee Is Fine!

Maybe Dizzee is okay! Maybe he got out. He'll walk into a room with the Get Down Brothers and say "The craziest thing happened! I was almost hit by a train!" and everything will go back to normal for everyone. While The Get Down's mode of operation usually includes consequences for every character, someone on this show could really use a win that isn't immediately undercut by something awful happening to them.

The fate of Dizzee and The Get Down are both up in the air, and there's no telling what lies on the other side. While this likely won't be the last anyone hears from the always interesting Jaden Smith, losing Dizzee would be as big of a loss to the audience as it would be to his his fellow Get Down Brothers.