Hanna Is In Trouble In The New 'PLL' Trailer

by Amy Mackelden

With only weeks to go until Season 7B of Pretty Little Liars hits our screens, it's officially time to get excited and/or start crying about the last 10 episodes of the show. The latest trailer proves that the Season 7B is going to be action-packed. So what happens to Hanna in the Pretty Little Liars trailer? Things aren't going at all well for Caleb's bae (#Haleb is endgame). Most fans, like me, can't even begin to imagine what life will be like once Alison, Aria, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily are no longer in our lives on a regular basis. But apparently it's Hanna we should be most worried about between now and then.

Having obsessively watched the show since it started, finding out who A.D. is once and for all is going to be a huge relief, but it's impossible to know how the series will end. With so many loose ends to tie up, literally anything could happen in the final 10 episodes, and that could include many more deaths in Rosewood. Spoilers ahead: The last time we saw Hanna in Season 7, Episode 10, Emily and Hanna had been defending themselves from Noel Kahn, when he stumbled and accidentally beheaded himself on an axe. While Hanna was partially responsible for the accident, all of the Liars were under attack and did what they had to do. So what's next for Hanna?

There are several shots of Hanna in the latest Pretty Little Liars trailer, and all of them seem to hint that devastation is ahead. In a particularly telling exchange, Hanna seems to motion towards an object that we can't see and says, "This wrecked my life." When Aria tries to calm her down by saying, "It's going to be OK," Hanna replies, "It's not." Whatever has happened must be pretty major for Hanna to think that her life is over. Whether it's her career, or her relationship with Caleb, that's been affected, it seems as though A.D. has something awful in store for Hanna in the final 10 episodes.

In other clips from Season 7B, we see Hanna gazing up at the church tower, perhaps suggesting that she knows something about Charlotte's killer or finds a clue about the murderer. In another shot, Hanna opens the door to Lucas's apartment and is shocked to see whoever is standing there. Perhaps a character has returned from the dead?

Pretty Little Liars returns on April 18, 2017, and, based on the latest trailer, it looks as though there are a lot of surprises in store for Hanna and the rest of the gang.