Blake From 'Bachelorette' Has The Best Job, As If You Needed One More Reason To Love Him

Paul Herbert/ABC

Blake is the baby-faced sweetheart who's still in the running to sweep Becca off her feet this season on The Bachelorette, and especially during his recent hometown date, he really opened up about who he is as a person. But, there's still a lot we don't know about the guy. Like, what is Blake's job on The Bachelorette and is it the kind of job that he could do anywhere if he had to move to be with Becca? These are the important questions, people.

According to Blake's official ABC biography, he makes a living as a sales rep, and his LinkedIn page offers more specifics on what exactly that entails. Right now he's listed as an "off-premise sales rep" for Coors Distributing Company, and he's held that title, in addition to a merchandiser role, at the same company since early 2014. Coors maintains its headquarters in Denver, which is near Blake's hometown, and he can be seen in some of his old Instagram photos donning Coors merch and enjoying his fair share of beer. Did Blake just get more attractive to you, too?

Prior to his current position, he was a researcher and surveyor for a research company, the LinkedIn profile goes on, and he has two college degrees — in both communications and marketing — from Hastings College. Oh, and he also played football there, and received a bunch of scholarships, and was involved in business leadership groups. No big deal.

So, if Becca does end up with Blake, it seems like she'll have plenty of free beer at her disposal and a man who's rocked it in college. You can't beat that combination. He's in the final three now, but we'll still have to wait and see if he makes it to the end. People are rooting for him big time, though, and he's clearly become a favorite among fans.

"Blake is a precious angel and we need to protect him," wrote Reddit user definitewhitegirl in a thread about how he's one of most likable guys this season. Plenty of other people are swooning over him this season, and it's really no surprise. "His personality just makes my heart melt and I get butterflies every time he comes on screen," wrote another user, vrtualrlty. "I'm not dating anyone right now so I'm living vicariously through this show and imagining he's my bf, because that's totally healthy right?"

Some are even saying that if he doesn't take home the final rose, Blake should be the next Bachelor.

Particularly after he revealed intimate details of his past — like the fact that he, his sister and his mother were all in his high school when a school shooting took place — Blake has seemed open and ready to commit to Becca. He's been stressed out about his lack of one-on-one dates, and gotten deeply upset as the competition goes on that Becca's spending time with other other guys just like she is with him.

Obviously, that's the name of the game, but the fact that Blake is worrying more and more the further he gets suggests he's actually coming to have real feelings for her. He's also managed to get to the end without any dark marks on his character — he's been super laid-back and friendly, without really getting into any drama with the other guys. That's definitely not been the case with all the other men this season, and it's refreshing to see him get to the end over some of the more problematic contestants (even though one finalist continues to be controversial).

Regardless of what happens, Blake has Bachelor Nation swooning over him already. There are plenty of people rooting for him and Becca to ride off into the sunset together, and even if they don't, he'll have people supporting him for a long time to come. And free beer and swag, which is never a bad thing.