Rihanna's New Lingerie Line Is Almost Here & Yes, You Can Most Likely Find Your Size

Maybe you haven't heard about Rihanna's new lingerie line, and if so, that's fine. You're hearing about it just in time for its launch which is what really matters, right? Will you be able to find your size? There's good news because Savage x Fenty lingerie's size range is actually pretty inclusive, and you'll probably be able to find your size.

When Rihanna first announced the line, things were pretty mysterious including what the pieces would look like, how much they'd cost, and where you could get it. Over time, however, Rihanna began to post images of models (and herself) wearing different parts of the collection. Perhaps one of the best revelations was that the line would be plus friendly. With plus size models appearing on the Instagram, before the line even launched, it became official that size inclusivity would be a priority for Rihanna and her brand.

What exactly is the range, though? According to the brand, bras will start at a 32A and go to a 44DD while panties will begin at size XS and reach size 3XL. As for the lingerie and sleep pieces, they'll have the same range as panties, and dual sizing pieces will be split into XS/S, M/L, XL/1X, and 2X/3X.

While the size range isn't perfect considering that many women have bust lines larger than a DD, there could be room for an expansion. Prior to now, the brand was asking fans who signed up for notification for their sizes, so could it be research? Could this mean that the brand is compiling interest in other sizing options. Only time will tell.

Rihanna's decision to make her lingerie line inclusive shouldn't exactly come as a shock though. She's become kind of known for being one of the most aware celebrities out there. Her beauty line proved that.

If you're kind of a Rihanna novice and not an official part of the Navy or you're more into fashion than makeup, you may have missed that Fenty Beauty is Rihanna's cosmetics brand (because yes, she can do it all). The line didn't just make news because it was from the singer and actor. It hit headlines because of its amazing range of shades.

Straight out of the gate, Fenty Beauty debuted with 40 different shades of foundation, a wide range of contour and highlight Matchstix, and enough highlighters to suit everyone. To follow up the initial launch, she launched the world's most inclusive, one-size-fits-all red liquid lipstick.

Basically, no one should be surprised that her lingerie brand is inclusive.

Good news if you want to get your hands on the collection because it officially launches on May. 11. As for what you'll find, there's a mix. The brand has been posting every day items such as comfy undies and tee-shirt bras as well as corsets, teddies, and thigh-highs. Whether you're looking for something for every day wear or something to make you feel amazing under your clothes (or out of them), Savage X probably has it on their site and in your size.

The lingerie line is just the latest in Rihanna's world take over. She's the same woman who can walk the Met Gala red carpet dressed as a sexy pope on Monday and launch a brand new range of lingerie on Friday. She's basically a marvel, and her fans agree.

Fans are so ready to get their hands on her new creations.

The countdown can't end fast enough.

Set your alarms for 1am ET tonight because Savage x Fenty is about to land, and this inclusive line will be too good to miss.