Tayshia's Instagram Hints She's Been Hanging Out With These Fellow 'Bachelor' Alums

Josh Vertucci/ABC

Ever since her one-on-one date during Week 4 of The Bachelor, Tayshia has been a contestant worth watching. Beyond being a bit more mature than some of the other remaining contestants, she also has a solid connection with Colton. But if you're anxious to know if she ends up getting the final rose, what Tayshia is doing after The Bachelor doesn't offer too much insight. Still, if you're a fan, you'll want to keep up with her on social media no matter what her relationship status with Colton.

Week 6 of The Bachelor saw many women go home. And while it appeared that some of her friends left the show, Tayshia survived the brutal episode. Now, she'll visit Colton's hometown of Denver, Colorado with the other remaining women. In a preview for the upcoming weeks, Tayshia says she's in love with Colton and goes skydiving with him (good thing she already got some practice with the heights during the bungee jumping date). So, it sure seems like she'll be sticking around for at least another episode.

As for life since she finished filming the show, Tayshia isn't as active on social media as some of the other contestants, but she did create a Twitter account in January and has been engaging with viewers and members of Bachelor Nation. It's worth noting that she has retweeted Diggy Moreland from Rachel's Bachelorette season and Bachelor in Paradise not once, but twice. So perhaps if things don't work out between her and Colton, those two could have a love connection. Although, Tayshia retweeted Caila Quinn of Ben's Bachelor season twice as well, so it's probably best not to read too much into that.

Josh Vertucci/ABC

Besides getting acquainted with Twitter, the 28-year-old phlebotomist has also been traveling since filming wrapped. Tayshia's Instagram shows that she was already jet-setting before The Bachelor, but since going to Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam with Colton, she has visited Paris and posted in February, "Having tropical beach withdrawals 🌊🌴Planning my next vacay! Where should I go!?" So she'll certainly continue journeying around the world, even without the Bachelor to expense it.

On the domestic front, the California girl was hanging on the East Coast in January when she attended the Broadway play American Son and a Knicks game. Although fellow contestants Kirpa and Sydney (who is a former Knicks City Dancer) aren't in Tayshia's photo from the game, it seems like they all attended together, since they also posted photos around the same time with the same view. Apparently, they've all stayed friends after the show, whether one of them is with Colton or not.

Because she's still a contestant, Taysia has to keep her current love life a secret, so she didn't post on Valentine's Day. But she did send a message of love to her female friends on Galentine's Day with a video from when her friends hosted a Bachelor viewing party for the premiere episode. Even if Tayshia doesn't end up with Colton, she has plenty of friends by her side — and even more now thanks to her time on The Bachelor.