Tati Westbrook Just Came Out With A New Beauty Product & Here's Everything You Need To Know

With the launch of the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Vault Collection and the announcement of Patrick Starrr's fall MAC collaboration, the guru world appears to be filled with great makeup. If, however, you're looking for something different, Tati Westbrook's Halo Beauty Kiwi Seed Booster has you covered. The popular guru's second product from her brand is officially here, and it's officially up for grabs. But what is it, and how is it different than the OG Halo Hair, Skin, and Nail Booster? Westbrook is giving fans all of the answers in her latest video.

If you happened to have missed Westbrook's Halo Beauty launch earlier this year, you may be wondering why she chose to release supplements when so many others are launching makeup or skin care. It all comes from her outlook on beauty. With Halo, the guru chose to focus on what she calls "beauty from the inside out." For her, this means focusing on supplements that work to improve the skin, hair, and nails. Thus, her first booster was born.

While some were skeptical at first, the brand has continued to share photos of satisfied customers' results. Now, there's a new product joining Halo Beauty, the Kiwi Seed Booster.

The purpose of the Kiwi Seed Booster is to focus on skin. While the original Halo Booster promised improvements in hair growth, nail strength, and skin hydration, this new supplement is specifically focused on the skin thanks to the ceramides inside that Westbrook explains are enhanced thanks to the addition of kiwi seed (hence, it's name).

As for what the product is said to do for the skin? The brand claims that it's got a ton of benefits. According to Halo Beauty, Kiwi Seed Booster will minimize fine lines and wrinkles, support collagen and keratin production, help users achieve more radiant skin, creates a moisture barrier, and combats bacteria while balancing ph. Sounds like a miracle product, right?

One of the other ways it's different is that ingredients like biotin and saw palmetto have been removed. What is this important? Both ingredients caused a bit of controversy when Westbook launching the original Halo booster.

Saw palmetto was met with a multitude of cries that it could decrease the efficacy of hormonal birth control. Westbrook denied these claims in a Snapchat video. During the initial launched, Bustle reached out to board-certified dermatologist and CEO of Curology Dr. David Lortscher who explained that saw palmetto can effect hormones levels so it's best to check with your physician before taking supplements.

As for the biotin? Many claimed Westbrook was simply selling the vitamin with her first launch. It was a claim that she vehemently denied, and she stands by her original formula being far more than simply a biotin supplement.

By eliminating both of these ingredients in the Halo Beauty Kiwi Seed Booster, Westbrook has taken away some of the causes for controversy in her first launch.

Ultimately, the decision to purchase Halo Beauty's Kiwi Seed is up to you. However, if you love that the brand now has a skin-focused product, it could just be the ideal new launch from Westbrook. Just remeber that it's still always best to speak to a physician before taking new supplements.