What You Should Serve At Your Royal Wedding Viewing Party, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

by Megan Grant
WPA Pool/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The ceremony for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry starts at 12:00 p.m. at St. George's Chapel on May 19, which means I will be up bright and early at 4:00 a.m. to watch. I have but one thing to say to those of you remarking it's too early for you: SUCK IT UP. If you want to commit, you'll not only get up to watch it but will also throw a viewing party and invite me — in which case, I can tell you what you should serve at your royal wedding party, based on your zodiac sign. Because how else would you figure it out?

We don't yet know what the menu is looking like for the big day, although we do know the royal crew will feast on lemon elderflower cake for dessert. From there, we can only guess what will be served based on food Markle — a devoted foodie — has mentioned enjoying in the past, and what has traditionally been served at royal weddings or is otherwise favored in the UK.

If you want to throw a royal wedding-themed party no one will ever forget, and astrology is the name of your game, here is the food or drink you should serve, based on your sign.



Aquarius is progressive — a word that might perfectly describe the royal couple. When we first started speculating about their wedding cake flavor, banana was one rumor swirling. Although that didn't end up being the case, why not honor the rumor with these banana cream pie bars from Averie Cooks?



Pisces is the epitome of romance and sophistication. These cupcakes decorated with white roses and sugar pearls from Bake Love Give are the perfection addition to your royal wedding party. How regal!



Aries is beaming with passion, and we know for certain there's one thing Markle is particularly passionate about: rosé. She once professed her love for it in an interview with Delish. Fortunately, rosé is all the rage right now, and if I were you, I'd definitely serve this no-bake rosé cheesecake from Brown Eyed Baker.



Taurus loves to work with their hands, and the royals love tea. These chai tea macarons from The Simple Sweet Life offer the best of both worlds. Win!



Gemini is a talker. In fact, sometimes, you can't get them to shut up. Is there any better way to chat it up than over a cup of coffee? No. Since the weather is getting warmer, though, opt for this ultimate iced coffee from A Spicy Perspective. Cheers!



Cancer is all about sharing a good meal with friends, and Markle happened to mention to Delish she has a hard time turning down a plate of pasta. This mini meatball pasta bake from A Cozy Kitchen totes has my mouth watering.



Bright colors catch your eye, Leo, and what you serve at your royal wedding party should reflect that. Spring is the season of blooming flowers, after all. We're in love with these butterfly cupcakes from Bakerella. Could they be any cuter?



Virgo likes to keep it clean and healthy, not unlike Markle and Prince Harry. Hummingbird High knows how to make a killer avocado toast, and I suspect your royal wedding party guests will appreciate the heart-healthy monounsaturated fatty acids. Also, it tastes amazing.



Libra is the social butterfly of the zodiac, and social butterflies typically enjoy mingling with a drink in hand. Try these pineapple mint Moscow mules from Good Life Eats. They're perfect for the royals' spring wedding.



Scorpio is all about keeping a little mystery to themselves, and they love to surprise people with something unexpected. The Messy Baker's layered apple pound cake is the answer, with a secret layer of thinly sliced apples hiding inside.



Sagittarius is adventurous and always down to try something new and unusual. I know what you're thinking: vegan rhubarb almond tart. Lucky for you, Adventures in Cooking has the best recipe.



Capricorn is huge on tradition, and nothing is more traditional in the UK than fruitcake. The problem is... people here hate fruitcake. Put a spin on it with this fruity summer cake from Big Girls Small Kitchen.