What's Kenny Doing After 'The Bachelorette'? He's Got A Great Social Media Game

Paul Hebert/ABC

The Bachelorette left viewers with a cliffhanger when the controversial two-on-one date between Kenny and Lee did not come to a conclusion during the Monday, June 26 episode. Yet, more importantly, it left the fate of Kenny on The Bachelorette up in the air. Although he has shown that he excels in wrestling in the mud, Kenny deserves better than to be dragged through the mud by Lee. I have faith that Rachel will see through Lee's words on the Tuesday, June 27 episode and send him home while keeping Kenny, but you still may be wondering what Kenny is doing after The Bachelorette. While he's active on social media, his Twitter and Instagram accounts really don't reveal too much about what he's up to — and whether that's a good sign for his future with Rachel is yet to be seen.

As has been made pretty clear on the show, Kenny is a professional wrestler in Las Vegas. He has been wrestling through the Ring of Honor organization since 2007, but I was unable to find if he has any upcoming events post-Bachelorette. However, even if you can't see Kenny wrestle in person, you can still watch YouTube videos of him breaking it down in the ring. Thank goodness for the internet.

Ring Of Honor Wrestling on YouTube

Kenny has also been promoting his time on The Bachelorette through his Instagram and Twitter accounts with some pretty hilarious posts making light of his time on the reality series. Like joking about how he didn't spell champagne right during the spelling bee:

And how he looked like The Thing from Fantastic Four during the mud wrestling:

But Kenny's social media game is pretty strong even when he's not tweeting about The Bachelorette.

It just unfortunately doesn't give any insight into what he's doing outside of the show right now. But he gets points for being amusing.

Going back to The Bachelorette, he has been watching this season with a pretty solid crew that includes his daughter and fellow contestant Adam (you know, the one with the doll), which is frankly too cute to handle.

And Kenny and Adam's friendship extends past the show since Adam just posted a photo of them in Las Vegas on June 25, using the hashtag #brothersbeyondroses. This just may be my new favorite bromance.

Then, of course, he has been spending time with his daughter.

While there's not too much intel on what Kenny is doing with his life right now, at least it seems like he's in good spirits when it comes to his time on The Bachelorette so far. So let's hope that drama can go away after June 27 and Kenny can stay on the show without Lee. And if not, at least you have whatever else he does next on social media to look forward to.