What's Vanessa Grimaldi Doing In 2018? 'The Bachelor' Star Has Moved On From Nick

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While it wasn't necessarily surprising, it was still hard for fans of the couple when Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi broke up in August 2017. It was only about a year ago that Bachelor Nation was first introduced to the special education teacher and former actor from Canada. And it was only in March 2017 that the world saw Nick pick Vanessa over Raven Gates during the final rose ceremony of his season in Finland. But obviously, a lot can change in just one year — especially when you're on The Bachelor — since Nick and Vanessa met, got engaged, and broke up all within a year. Considering all that she did on the reality show and beyond in 2017, what's Vanessa from The Bachelor doing in 2018? Even though she probably won't ever be on Bachelor: Winter Games or Bachelor In Paradise, Vanessa will continue to be a familiar face next year.

Before The Bachelor, Vanessa tried her hand at acting. But, unlike her ex Nick, who is pursuing his own acting career now with an appearance on Speechless and a starring role in a Christmas movie, it doesn't seem like Vanessa will be going back to that profession. Yet, that doesn't mean she will be out of the limelight completely, since once you're a part of Bachelor Nation, you're always a part of Bachelor Nation. And, based on interviews she has given and her social media, Vanessa will be using her star power for good come 2018. So here's what you can expect from Vanessa in the new year.

Splitting Time Between Los Angeles & Montreal

At KIIS FM's iHeartRadio Jingle Ball in Los Angeles on Dec. 1, Us Weekly reported that Vanessa said, "I've been loving life. I've been between Montreal and L.A." And based on the rest of this list, it appears that she will keep splitting her time between the U.S. and Canada throughout 2018.

Working With Her Foundation

Vanessa founded No Better You in 2017 based on her experience as a special education teacher. "Our mission at No Better You is to help foster a school climate where students with special needs feel confident to grow and learn at their own pace," the website states. In 2017, she held a fitness fundraiser (accompanied by Nick) and put together a music video inspired by her students to raise awareness. At 2017's Jingle Ball, Vanessa told reporters that there will be another No Better You fundraiser in the summer of 2018 and she's currently proud of the sensory rooms that the foundation is helping schools to open. "I'm heading down to do the ribbon cutting ceremony at one of the sensory rooms, one of the schools, so I'm really excited about that. That feels like it's really been a big accomplishment for the team," Vanessa said. So she'll continue to dedicate her time to this excellent cause.

Enjoying The Single Life

While a source told Entertainment Tonight in November that Vanessa was allegedly dating hockey player Brendan Gallagher, she said at the 2017 Jingle Ball that she was single. She also confirmed her single status on the Dec. 13 episode of the podcast, "Almost Famous." (More on that next.)

Hosting Podcasts

While Ashley Iaconetti and Ben Higgins were away, Vanessa filled in for them on their podcast, The Ben and Ashley I. Almost Famous Podcast. Although Vanessa tweeted to Ben that she's "passing on the podcast torch back to you," it wouldn't be surprising if she filled in again or was a guest host on another podcast.

Not Appearing On The Bachelor Again

During her time on Almost Famous, Vanessa gave a lot of insight into her life, including her future with The Bachelor. Although she didn't finish her thought, it's safe to say that you probably won't see this Canadian on Bachelor: Winter Games and that she won't compete for love on any other version of the show. "Never say never, but I think my days on The Bachelor are ...," she said, trailing off. She also said she'd probably never date anyone else from Bachelor Nation. But she's still friendly with women she met on the show, particularly Danielle Maltby and Taylor Nolan, and she has appeared on the after show for Bachelor Canada with fellow Canadian Kaitlyn Bristowe and Evan Bass and Carly Waddell in November 2017. So while she isn't using The Bachelor to find love again, she probably won't cut all ties with the franchise in 2018.

Sharing Style Tips For E!

Since July 2017, Vanessa has served as cohost on E!'s Facebook Live show, freeSTYLE. Celebrity stylists come on and share beauty tips while they use Vanessa as a model, so you can check her out getting beautified every couple of weeks on E! New's Facebook page.

Hanging Out With Danielle At A Fundraiser In Nashville

On Almost Famous, Danielle M. joined her Bachelor buddy Vanessa via phone. Vanessa said how, in 2017, they had volunteered for an event at the hospital Danielle works at in Tennessee. While there, they were invited to attend the Best Buddies Prom in Nashville in February 2018. Best Buddies serves people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, so these friends will still be focused on charity in 2018. Vanessa also invited Danielle to come hang out with her in Canada on the podcast, so more adorable Instas from these pals should be on the way.

Not Getting Back Together With Nick

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When talking about Nick at the Jingle Ball, Us Weekly reported that Vanessa said, "We are on good terms, so we're very supportive of each other." However, that doesn't mean this Bachelor pair will ever reunite romantically. During the Almost Famous podcast, she very clearly stated that she does not expect to ever get back together with Nick. "If a relationship ends, it ends for a reason. And I don't like backtracking and going back to something that didn't ultimately end up working out," Vanessa said. "We're just not compatible."

Focusing On Herself

Vanessa seemed like one of the most grounded and mature contestants on Nick's season and that appears to be true based on how she reflected on their relationship on Almost Famous. Vanessa said, "I learned a lot about myself this year — things that I know I need to improve on as an individual and in a relationship. So I think right now, I'm taking that time to just focus on me and growing as a person so I can become a better person when I invite someone else into my life."

Even though Vanessa and Nick didn't end up working out, her time on The Bachelor has given her a platform for herself and also for good that she'll continue to use in 2018. And if she does find love next year, it seems she'll enter it in a healthy mind space, thanks to what she learned about herself from her relationship with Nick.