When Did Carly & Evan Get Engaged? The 'Bachelor In Paradise' Couple Built A Lasting Foundation For Love

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While most of the people who compete on Bachelor in Paradise don't typically find lasting love, there are a few success stories that might convince you that the best way to fall in love is actually on a beach with a bunch of fellow TV personalities. The latest too-good-to-be-true-but-also-totally-true-and-adorable BiP couple is Evan Bass and Carly Waddell. When did Carly & Evan get engaged? They're so passionate, you might think they've been together for a decade, but, in reality, they met just over a year ago, when they were both cast on the third season of Paradise. Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 filmed in summer of 2016. After a few weeks together, Evan proposed, and the couple are not only still together, but Carly is pregnant, so these two have a lot to celebrate.

In fact, the couple is the only pair from the Season 3 Bachelor in Paradise finale that managed to make it from their televised engagement all the way down the aisle. Carly and Evan are now married, in a ceremony that will featured on the adjusted two-day premiere of Aug. 15. During the brief production shutdown of Bachelor in Paradise, Evan penned an op-ed praising the show for helping him find Carly and this new life. "The producers helped guide me to a place where I was able to break down the barrier of my heart that 'I wasn't good enough for Carly,'" Evan said. "I had deep wounds in my heart, and — I'm crying as I'm writing this — they helped me heal."

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"Evan was going for me since day one, and it took me a long time to catch up. I think when I finally did, magic happened," Carly said to Glamour, explaining why she fell in love with Evan. In his Hollywood Reporter article, Evan said, "Carly and I sat on a beach for weeks talking. At first I creeped her out, but because of the time allowed to just hang after she friend-zoned me, she came to realize that she not only liked my flavor of creepiness, but wanted to marry it as well!"

It's true, this relationship kind of came out of nowhere. What changed things for Carly? A visit to the hospital, she told Glamour. "The hospital date — where he got sick and went to the hospital. ... We started getting this connection, and I remember sitting in the car on the way back and thinking, 'I really want to hold his hand. What?' And then, 'Oh my gosh, I think I really like him. What?!'"


Just like so many couples in real life, Carly and Evan's friendship helped their relationship start strong and stay strong. Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 was over a year ago, and, against all initial odds, now this couple has successfully made it down the aisle and into the next stage of their relationship.