Kim K's New Kimoji Hearts Perfumes Are Coming Just In Time For Valentine's Day

January may feel like the month that will never end, but don't worry, the end is near, and that means February is finally on its way. Of course, that means Valentine's Day is also coming up, and KKW Fragrance's new Kimoji Hearts are also right around the corner.

Just in case you don't have an encyclopedic knowledge of Kim Kardashian or her eponymous brand KKW Fragrance, the reality star and her brand launched Kimoji Heart Fragrances for the first time last year. The three heart-shaped containers weren't just adorable with their slogan names, but they were also affordable in comparison to Kardashian's other fragrances.

Apparently, she and her fans had a soft spot for these adorable perfumes because they're coming, but they're not coming back alone. There are three all new KKW Kimoji Heart Fragrances coming as well. Get ready to smell Kardashian approved for your Valentine's Day date because they'll be dropping just in time.

According to the KKW Fragrance Instagram and Twitter accounts, the three new scents Wifey, Baddie, and Baby Girl are set to launch on Jan. 31 exclusively at the KKW Fragrance website. However, if you're near the KKW Pop-up Shop in Costa Mesa, you can snag one of the scents early on Jan. 30. Plus, alongside these three new scents, fans will also get a chance to shop the original three perfumes, Bae, BFF, and Ride or Die, on the same day.

Neither the KKW Fragrance Twitter or Instagram have given a price for the scents, but given that they're relaunching the same perfumes from last year, a price hike seems unlikely. During the fragrances' runs in 2018, each scent retailed for $30 for 30 ml bottle. It seems likely that the price will remain the same unless there's some upgrade to the bottle sizes or another surprise from Kardashian.

If you're wondering what each new scents smells like, they're perfect for floral lovers. All three perfumes feature floral notes but differ in the way they use them. According to the Kardashian's Twitter, Wifey is a more soft and feminine floral while Baddie seems to have a powerful, multi-dimensional scent. Finally, Baby Girl is named a more sexy and flirty take on the common floral element. No matter which one you choose, they all seem perfect for Valentine's Day.

Of course, the real question about the new Kimoji Hearts may be who will receive them in PR. If you're wondering what that's an important question, you must have missed Kim Kardashian's brilliant shade last year.

In a video posted to her Snapchat, Kardashian showcased rows of color coded sticky notes. Many of them contained names of her friends and family, but some, well, they weren't exactly names of people who had been kind to her. Taylor Swift, Piers Morgan, and Pink were just a few of the names that Kardashian would be sending the scents to because she wanted to make sure to send fragrances to "my lovers, to my haters, to everyone that I think of because it's Valentine's Day, after all."

Will Kardashian be sending these new Kimoji Heart fragrances to her haters? Only time will tell, but as for you, you can snag one of the new or returning scents on Jan. 31 at the KKW Fragrance website.