Cloak & Dagger Could Be Facing Off Against These Marvel Villains In Season 2

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Tyrone (Aubrey Joseph) and Tandy (Olivia Holt) are at the center of several perilous situations ahead of the Aug. 2 season finale. The penultimate episode of Cloak & Dagger Season 1 ended with Tyrone on the run from police after being framed for Officer Fuchs’ (Lane Miller) murder. He has crossed Detective Connors (J.D. Evermore), who shot and killed his brother (Marqus Clae) eight years ago, and now his life will never be the same. Tandy and her mother (Andrea Roth) are in imminent danger after a Roxxon assassin showed up at their house. And, another Roxxon explosion might put the entire city of New Orleans at risk and only the divine duo can save the day. The season finale may resolve these problems, but what’s next for the burgeoning heroes? The Cloak & Dagger Season 2 premiere date hasn't been revealed yet, but there is some news.

Freeform confirmed that fans will get 10 more episodes in spring 2019. The network announced Cloak & Dagger’s renewal at San Diego Comic-Con and said production would begin this fall, per GameSpot. Showrunner Joe Pokaski also revealed to Collider that, in true Marvel fashion, the show will feature a post-credits scene at the end of Season 1. Pokaski said there will be some questions at the end of the season but he promises that the post-credits teaser has something “tremendously definitive." Marvel fans love a good clip filled with Easter eggs and tidbits to over-analyze during a long hiatus.


The events of the finale are a mystery yet, but there are a few things that fans can expect and hope for next season of Cloak & Dagger, based on what they've seen so far.

Mayhem Is On The Way

Alfonso Bresciani/Freeform

A recent Marvel video clip promised that Cloak & Dagger Season 2 would be filled with “mayhem.” Interestingly, the word mayhem has claw marks across its background, which means something dangerous is afoot. The Marvel universe is no stranger to chaos, but mayhem takes on multiple meanings in this case.

The Cloak and Dagger comic series features a vigilante character named Mayhem who works closely with the divine pair. New fans may not know it, but they have already met her in Season 1. Tyrone’s ally Detective O’Reilly becomes Mayhem after being killed with gas by a corrupt police officer and then reborn, per Marvel.

She has green skin and — you guessed it — claws sharp enough to take out an enemy. This story could totally happen in the show since Connors has threatened to hurt O’Reilly for helping Tyrone expose his dark secret. It's also interesting because O'Reilly knows both heroes and is aware of Tyrone's powers.

Pokaski talked about introducing Mayhem at Comic-Con and said she will actually end up being a villain, according to ComicBookMovie.com. “We got very excited, the writers and I, when we were breaking the first season because we knew who Mayhem was and we knew Brigid [O’Reilly] began as a friend,” said Pokaski. “It was very exciting as writers to say, low key, we can start telling you words and story of a villain in the most ninja way possible.” He also compared Mayhem to Black Panther’s Killmonger as a relatable villain.

There’s no word on exactly when Mayhem will be revealed, but O’Reilly's transformation could happen in the season finale or the post-credits scene. Cloak & Dagger hasn’t had a proper comic book nemesis yet and it will be thrilling to see how she challenges the teenage heroes.

Tandy Needs A Hero Outfit

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Tyrone found his infamous cloak — or, maybe it found him — in Season 1. He used it to scare a confession out of Connors and keeps it hanging in his bedroom closet for future adventures. Tandy is a wizard with producing and throwing her light daggers but she has yet to find a hero-worthy outfit.

In the comics, Dagger wore an all-White catsuit to hide her true identity and the show may pay homage to its source material with a similar (and less hyper-sexualized) look. It hasn't been confirmed if Tandy will create a costume when she fully embraces her Dagger alter-ego, but it would be nice to see her wear something cool to accompany Tyrone’s cloak.

More Mister Jip?

In a CinemaBlend interview, Pokaski touched on the brief appearance of another potential Season 2 nemesis. In Episode 6, Tyrone used his powers to scare a drug runner by tapping into his fears. Viewers saw a tall, shadowy figure for a brief second before the sequence ended with the kid running away. It was hard to tell if this was just a nightmare boogeyman, but Pokaski hinted that it was Mister Jip, another comic book character.

“You didn't see him in episode six,” Pokaski said. “It's possible you did. I'm not spoiling anything, I'm not committing to anything. But you should go back and look carefully at the scene where Tyrone goes into Kev's dream and [sees] that kid with the backpack's fears. I have a feeling if we're lucky enough to have a season two, a lot your favorites will be making appearances.”

The comic character is a sorcerer who wanted to steal Cloak’s powers for his own nefarious reasons. At one point, he even possesses Father Delgado in an attempt to seek vengeance on the superhero pair. Adding Mister Jip alongside Mayhem would raise the stakes for next season even higher.

The Rise Of Tyrandy…Or Not

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Tyrone and Tandy’s natural chemistry and the bond they have built despite their brokenness is worthy of all the heart emojis. The fandom has created the shipping name "Tyrandy" and are impatiently waiting for them to fall madly in love. But, it doesn’t seem like a possibility at the moment.

Tandy has complicated feelings for her ex-crime partner Liam and Tyrone is (sort of) in a relationship with a mysterious girl named Evita. They also have a hard time getting along because of their dueling philosophies on life and how to use their powers.

And, it’s hard to have a relationship with someone who you cannot physically touch without being blown into opposite corners of the room. The pair definitely love each other in the comics, but fans are hoping it will be much more explicitly explored in the TV show.

There’s a lot left to explore in this coming-of-age story with a superhero twist. In 2019, Cloak & Dagger will continue to explore how the divine pair will make their mark on the Marvel universe.