'Mr. Robot' Won't Return For A While

With the MTV Movie and TV Awards coming up this Sunday, the shows and films being honored are on everyone's minds even more than usual. There's one in particular I care about, hence why I have to ask: when does Mr. Robot come back? The critically-acclaimed show wrapped up its second season on Sep. 21, 2016 and was renewed for Season 3 in August 2016. So... where is it?

It is coming, so don't get too riled up about it, but fans will have to wait until October 2017 to find out if the hack can truly be reversed, how Elliot Alderson survives that gunshot, and what kind of trouble fsociety is going to get themselves into next. According to the website Den of Geek, USA Network was hoping for a Summer 2017 release for the jewel in their programming crown, but star Rami Malek's movie-filming schedule was too intense to make the proposed deadline, so they pushed the Mr. Robot Season 3 premiere into the fall.

I guess them's the breaks when you work with one of the most talented actors in the industry, and he turns into one of the hottest commodities in town. But, on the bright side, the star's increased visibility only brings more viewers to Mr. Robot, right? At least you can hear in NBCUniversal President Chris McCumber's statement how eager he is to get the next season out to all of us:

[Creator] Sam Esmail is a true creative visionary who continues to deliver a series that boldly tackles timely issues and leans into the major headlines of the day. We’re eager to share the next phase of Elliot’s journey with fans this fall.

The show began shooting its 10-episode third season last month, which means the schedule is on track so far. But, if you can't wait another five months to catch up with the cast, tune in to the MTV Movie & TV Awards on May 7 to see if they win for Best Fight Against the System, a new category created just for the 2017 climate that Mr. Robot seems perfect for.

And, even if they don't walk away with the prize, Sam Esmail has just one Mr. Robot spoiler, and it's that Season 3 will be "dope AF." If that doesn't convince you that the third season will be worth the wait, then I don't know what will.