Here's When Hulu Will Get New Episodes Of 'KUWTK'

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Season 14 of Keeping Up With The Kardashians officially ended on March 4, over two months ago. If you still have a cable subscription, you can rewatch those eps on E! Now, but if you're one of the many fans that consumes their TV via streaming instead of traditional cable, you're probably wondering when the latest adventures of the Kardashian-Jenners will make their way onto Hulu. When will Season 14 of Keeping Up With the Kardashians hit Hulu?

The answer? Probably not until just before Season 15 goes on the air. Last year, KUWTK fan Kayla Brown sought answers from Hulu's Facebook page about when Season 13 would be available to stream, and Katie L. from Hulu's social support team, jumped in with the answer. "We recently received Season 12," wrote the Hulu rep on March 15, 2017, "meaning Season 13 should be available just before Season 14 begins airing on live TV. If you add the show to your Watchlist we'll be able to keep you in the loop!"

Neither Hulu nor E! have released any information announcing a revised contract or anything else that might indicate a change in the plans for streaming, so it seems likely that you can expect Season 14 to show up on Hulu just before or around the same time as Season 15 premieres on E!.


Unfortunately, Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 15 has no premiere date set at the moment, but you can rest assured that it's on its way. Variety reported that E! renewed their contracts through 2020, so fingers crossed for the chance to watch Chicago, Stormi Webster, and Khloe's daughter True Thompson all toddling around together, ideally through a diamond-encrusted sprinkler on a perfectly manicured lawn.

Romper's Kathleen Walsh estimates that, if the stars align just right, Season 15 of KUWTK might arrive as early as August or September. After all, there were only six months between Season 13 and Season 14, and the Kardashians have done 14 seasons in 11 years. There was as little as 35 days between Season 9 and Season 10, but then again, there was over 10 months between Season 2 and Season 3. With these ladies' busy schedules and growing families, there's no way to know for sure when to expect Season 15 to air, or Season 14 to land on Hulu.

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In the interim, though, there are still 195 episodes of KUWTK to choose from on Hulu (not to mention 30 episodes of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami). If you're desperate to be back with the royal family of Calabasas, why don't you take a walk down memory lane and relive some of the golden oldies?

For instance, Season 2 Episode 2 is definitely worth a rewatch. The episode is titled "Rob's New Girlfriend," but you probably remember it as the one where Kris decided she wants to build a chicken coop in the backyard, and the whole family spent the day running after escaped poultry. Really, any of these other old-school Kardashian moments are sure to do the trick, too. Or, why not relive the magic of a Kardashian-Jenner vacation? Like the time they went to Thailand and Kris' lips swelled up to eight times their original size? Or the time Kim lost her earring in the ocean in Bora Bora and Kourtney sassed her in one of the greatest gifs of all time?

If you need to get your Kardashian infusion on the go, though, you should definitely check out Bustle's list of the most outrageous Kardashian moments in ever in slideshow form. Here's hoping Season 15 get's announced soon!