This New Zodiac Makeup Line Has A Lipstick, Eyeshadow & Highlight For Every Sign

When it comes to themed collections, brands can't seem to get enough. From unicorns to festivals to mermaids, a good, cohesive thread running through a launch seems to be a trend. Now, Wet N' Wild's Zodiac collection is coming to give you even more of the themed goodies that you never knew you needed.

This isn't the brand's first foray into a fun theme, though. Wet n' Wild has actually kind of been crushing the whole theme thing for a while now. Last fall, the brand joined in on the whimsical trend that other brands were embracing and launched their Midnight Mermaid collection. The products featured a variety of brightly hued, metallic products that rang in for a super affordable price.

Before mermaids, though, there were unicorns. With rainbow highlighters, a unicorn horn brush, and loose pigments, the brand's unicorn themed products were a whimsical dream. Recently, though, the brand has moved away from the fantastical and launched their Flights of Fancy collection as well as their former Goth-o-Graphic collection. Clearly, this brand appreciates a good theme, and they're bringing a new one your way.

The Wet n' Wild Zodiac collection features everything people love from the brand, but when is it launching? You don't have long to wait. It'll be available July 17, but what's inside?

According to Teen Vogue, the collection features 12 different lipsticks that each correspond to a different sign of the zodiac. In fact, the packaging features the corresponding zodiac sign directly on the top. As for the shades, they range from deep purples to pearlescent pinks that are meant to match the personalities of their corresponding signs.

Also in the collection are four of the brand's well-known highlighters. The glow-creating powders are some of the brand's most stand-out products. Not only are they incredibly affordable, but the glow they give is seriously next level. All you have to do is check out beauty bloggers' reviews of them to know just how amazing they are.

The new collection features four bar highlighters that represent the four classic elements: water, fire, earth, and air. That's not all, though, the collection also comes with four eyeshadow pans meant to represent the same elements. The pans are home to six different shades of eyeshadow in one convenient pan.

To round out the collection, Wet n' Wild also crafted a loose pigment highlighter named Written in the Stars that can be used on your face and body. Clearly, the brand wanted its fans to shine brighter than the stars with this collection.

While the collection will be making it online debut on July 17, if you want to shop in stores, you'll have a bit more of a wait. According to Allure, it won't hit Wal-Mart until Aug. 1. If you want see these gorgeous zodiac-themed products in person just remember that patience is a virtue.

As for the prices, there's no direct list of how much each items will cost, but both Allure and Teen Vogue report that products will only retail for between $3-$7. Talk about a total steal, right? Although, affordable pricing has always been part of Wet n' Wild's brand. From their $5 foundation to their Liquid Catsuit lipstick, they're a reliable brand for those looking to save some cash. Plus, they're fully committed to being cruelty free.

If you want to shop the new, affordable Wet n' Wild Zodiac Collection, mark your calendar for July 17 to snag the items online or Aug. 1 if you want to see them in-person first. No matter where you choose to shop these goodies, though, you'll be shining bright than any star.