Sigma Is Having A MASSIVE Sale & Everything Is 30% Off

Is there anyone who can resist a sale? Whether you're pinching pennies or living the high life, saving money never gets old, and thankfully, brands know this. That's why sales exist. Now, Sigma Beauty's Friends & Family sale is on its way, and the occasion is the perfect time to stock up on some of your favorite beauty tools and products.

You've probably heard of, if not shopped, friends and family sales before. Many brands host their deals annually granting loyal customers great discounts on products that may not always be featuring during their other sale periods. That's exactly what Sigma Beauty is doing.

The Sigma Friends & Family Sale isn't just a section of the site that's been discounted, and it's not limited to just the brands's brushes either. The brand is giving their customers sale access to every single item on their site. From eyeshadow palettes to lipsticks to brushes and brush cleaners, it's all up for grabs. The best part? Their giving you a whopping 30 percent discount on your entire purchase. If you've been needing to stock up on some new makeup brushes, now may just be the perfect now.

But when is the Sigma Friends & Family sale?

According to the brand, the sale begins on July 31 and will run until Aug. 1 The same will starting at midnight on the 31 and end at 11:59pm CT on Aug. 1. That gives you a full 24 hours to stock up o what you need (and what you want during the bomb opportunity.

Courtesy of Shea Simmons

How do you take advantage of the 30 percent off discount? It's as easy as using a code. All you need to do is round up what you'd like to purchase, add it to your cart, and use code SQUAD30 at checkout. Plus, the brand is adding a sweetner to your shopping experience. Not only can you get a discount with that code, but Sigma will also be offering free shipping on US orders of $30 or more and international orders of $75 or more. You're totally ready to shop now, aren't you?

Courtesy of Shea Simmons

While the Sigma Friends & Family sale is definitely their biggest opportunity for you to get new beauty goods (other than their Semi-Annual Sale), it isn't the only one going on right now. You've probably heard by now that the Nordstrom Anniversary sale is in full swing, and if you haven't ventured into the beauty section, you should.

Sigma Beauty has two gorgeous brush sets available as part of the sale as well as their Sigmatic Scrub (for all your brush cleaning needs) and an accompanying powder brush.

If you love Sigma and can't resist a sale, mark your calendar for July 31. The Friends and Family Sale will give you a whopping 30 percent off your entire purchase, and you could just score free shipping, too. Stock up on your essentials, try some new products, and get ready to fall in love with this brand all over again.