Sola Look's 'Dirty Dancing' Palette Drops Soon

Get ready for the time of your makeup life! Sola Look's Dirty Dancing Palette is on the way and it celebrates the classic '80s movie and its 30th anniversary with beautiful and modern makeup. The brand dropped a killer Flashdance eyeshadow palette with four pans of matte shadow last year. However, Sola Look is taking its palette presence up a notch with Dirty Dancing. This palette features four eyeshadows, a pressed highlighter, and a liquid matte lipstick formulated by Depechegurl of Cryptic Cosmetics, who also issued a cupcake-scented, mauvey matte via Sola Look as well.

When Is the Sola Look Dirty Dancing Palette available to buy?

The Sola Look Dirty Dancing Palette is coming out in a semi-staggered fashion. According to an email Bustle received from Sola Look and based on their Instagram post, the official release date is Saturday, Apr. 22, which is also Earth Day. So you can order it as of Apr. 22.

However, here is the additional intel. There is a pre-order set for 3 p.m. ET/12 p.m. PT on Saturday, Mar. 18. A thousand palettes will be made available then, with a two-palette limit per person. If you pre-order, your card will be charged at that time. The palette won't ship until Wednesday, Apr. 12, though!

So it's the perfect palette to allow you to dance into the spring season. It's seriously enough to inspire you to watch the movie and have a makeup sesh with your besties. Baby and Johnny are the ultimate '80s super couple!

The Dirty Dancing Palette will cost $36, per the email we received from our friends at Sola Look.

Ooh, check out that pretty pink and sparkly highlighter! You will glow, baby, glow. Or make that glow, like Baby from the film!

There you have it! Not only did we get all the information about what's in the palette, the preorder, the on-sale date, and the pricing. But we also got a swatch of the highlighter!

Go ahead and mark those calendars for the Mar. 18 pre-order and the Apr. 22 on sale.

Images: Sola Look/Instagram (2)