How To Listen To Ed Sheeran & Beyoncé's Duet, If It's Not In Your iTunes Yet

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; leepalisoc/Twitter

Two of music's biggest names joined forces for a duet and you'll want to listen immediately. But if you're wondering when Beyoncé and Ed Sheeran's "Perfect" will hit Apple Music and iTunes, you may be scratching your head for a little bit. While Sheeran posted an Instagram video saying the track is now available everywhere on Thursday night, not all fans are able to access the ballad via their go-to music sources, and some are expressing their frustration via Twitter. (It's currently available on Spotify, Tidal, and Google Play, however.)

UPDATE: By 8:30 p.m. EST, Beyoncé and Sheeran's duet became available to purchase on iTunes in the U.S. It also is now streamable on Apple Music, so you can listen to your heart's content.

EARLIER: When I tried to download the song myself, I received a pop-up from the iTunes Store that reads:

"The item you've requested is not currently available in the U.S. Store, but it is available in the U.K. Store."

The same message appeared when trying to listen on Apple Music. It's unclear if this is some sort of glitch, or if fans who aren't located in the U.K. will have to wait a little longer. And if that's the case, there aren't any details yet available about when it'll be out all over. But given Sheeran's Instagram post, it's easy to imagine it'll be on the way in the near future. Fingers crossed that it drops by midnight.


In the meantime, there are more than a few fans who aren't too pleased. Some are even getting pretty impatient (understandably so, it's a great song).

This Person Is Waiting

That eye-roll emoji doesn't seem too patient.

Others Asked Directly

Tweeting at Apple Music sounds like an effective approach.

Another Person Set Expectations

Seriously, how soon?

This Fan's Priorities Are In Order

They just want to play the song on repeat. Is that too much to ask?

Others Asked Politely

A simple request, really.

They Are In Need

It's essential listening.

And It's Not Just Fans In The U.S.

This person from Canada also received a similar message from iTunes.

This Person Asked For Links

Somebody should help a girl out.

Immediately Would Be Nice

At least they said "thank you," right?

Seriously, People Are Wondering

Yet another Canadian fan was unable to download it.

And They're Getting Impatient

Just look at all those words written in caps lock.

This GIF Perfectly Sums Up All Your Feelings

No words, just GIFs. There's no better way to express yourself on the internet.

Even though it's not on iTunes or Apple Music for some fans at the moment, if you do have access to Spotify, you'll be able to listen to it below.

And Tidal also tweeted out the link to listen to the track:

Hopefully it's only a matter of time before fans can be swooning to the song performed by two of music's best musicians of the moment. While it's not the first time — or the second — that Beyoncé and Sheeran have teamed up, it doesn't make it any less magical.

As you may recall, Bey and Sheeran sang an acoustic version of "Drunk In Love" at the 2015 Global Citizen Festival. And they also teamed up for a tribute to the legendary Stevie Wonder that same year. When these two sing together, they can do no wrong. It's pure musical magic.

Sure, fans might be frustrated at the moment, but once they can listen, it's guaranteed to be worth the wait. And since Sheeran promised the song would be available everywhere, it's only a matter of time before all fans can listen freely to the duet. Because, like the title suggests, it is indeed "Perfect."