7 Shows & Movies To Stream While You Wait For 'Pose' Season 2 To Drop On Netflix

by Rebecca Patton

Now that Season 2 of Ryan Murphy's Pose is concluding Tuesday, Aug. 20, non-FX-subscribers are likely eager to discover when they can marathon the show in its entirety. And while it's unclear when exactly Pose Season 2 will be on Netflix, the fact that the first installment is already on the streaming giant should assure fans that it will land there eventually.

Pose Season 1 arrived to Netflix on May 10, 2019 — just a month before its Season 2 premiere. And since the indulgent ballroom drama likely won't return until June 2020, Netflix subscribers may have to wait until May of next year for them to stream the second chapter (provided it takes as long for Season 2 to arrive on the streaming platform this time around, too). That said, if fans just can't wait that long, they can also buy Pose Season 2 on either Amazon Prime or iTunes, or subscribe to FX.

While Season 1 took place from 1987 to 1988, Season 2 included a time jump to 1990. And there have been plenty of shocking developments this season: Candy was murdered in Episode 4, Lulu has become a house mother, and Blanca got a new love interest, among others. Meanwhile, things have escalated in both Pray Tell's and Angel's love lives. But while it's going to be a long time until Season 3, there are plenty of shows and movies streaming on Netflix that can keep fans occupied while they wait.

'Paris Is Burning'

The 1990 Jennie Livingston documentary that helped inspired Pose is available to stream. Paris Is Burning — which explores the ballroom scene — is a bit controversial, but the FX show still owes much of its DNA to the film. "I think you can watch a documentary like Paris Is Burning, which is great, and I think it's a very entry level 101, and I don't say that in a pejorative way," Pose co-creator Steven Canals told IndieWire. "It's an entry point for folks when it comes to ballroom, but there's so much more to the community."

'Tales of the City'

Starring Laura Linney, Olympia Dukakis, Charlie Barnett, and Ellen Page, among others, Tales of the City is a 2019 revival of a '90s soap, which features both trans and queer characters.

'The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson'

This 2017 documentary is not a light-hearted watch, which investigates the death of this titular trans activist. While Marsha allegedly died by suicide in July 1992, per the Washington Post, many people thought she had been murdered. As a result, the film follows Victoria Cruz as she investigates the events surrounding the historic trans woman's death.


There are several Ryan Murphy shows available on Netflix — American Horror Story, The Assassination of Gianni Versace, The People vs. OJ Simpson, and his upcoming series, The Politician — however, it could be argued that it's Glee that captures the essence of Pose. It was campy, sure, but every episode reminded audiences that students from all walks of life were welcome in glee club.

'Dancing Queen'

This reality show follows Drag Race favorite, Alyssa Edwards, as she teaches dance classes by day and performs drag by night.

'Hurricane Bianca'

This fun romp features Roy Haylock as a Texas schoolteacher who's fired for being gay. He returns and interviews for the same position in drag in order to reclaim her old job back. Hurricane Katrina also features RuPaul, Alan Cumming, Rachel Dratch, Willam Belli, Alyssa Edwards, and D.J. 'Shangela' Pierce, among others.

'Orange Is the New Black'

The final season of this prototypical Netflix dramedy was released on July 26, and with it the end of an era. During its run, OITNB featured trans actor Laverne Cox in her groundbreaking role as Sophia Burset. In May 2014, Cox became the first trans person to cover Time magazine. So if by some chance viewers have let this series pass them by, there's still a chance to watch it at their leisure.

So while Pose will likely be coming to Netflix, these shows and movies will keep fans company while they wait.