Priyanka Chopra's Mom's Wedding Comments Hinted At When The Actor Will Mary Nick Jonas

by Ashley Rey
Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

After months of speculation, the internet pretty much broke when Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas not only confirmed their relationship, but announced their engagement to the world last week. But it doesn't look like newly engaged couple are rushing to the alter, as Priyanka Chopra's mom's wedding comments hints that they won't be getting married anytime soon.

While speaking with Daily News and Analysis India following Chopra and Jonas' traditional Indian engagement celebration, the Quantico star's mom, Madhu Chopra, shared some insight about the pair's private courtship and potential wedding plans. All in all, Madhu Chopra is just happy that her wildly talented daughter is filled with bliss. "I always trust Priyanka's judgment," Chopra said of her famous daughter. "She's not impulsive. She gave it a lot of thought and when she decided on something, I was sure it would be good."

After totally fawning over all of the photos from the engagement bash, one thing's for sure: fans are dying to know what's next for the happy couple. Will Chopra and Jonas plan on reciting their nuptials in front of an extravagant, star-studded crowd, or are they planning to keep things more low-key on their big day? According to Madhu Chopra, however, there's no telling what's on the couple's radar, as their busy schedules haven't allowed for any real planning. She said,

"They haven't decided on a wedding date yet. It's too soon. Both of them have work commitments right now which they need to finish. They will take some time to decide where they want it and when they want it."

Dating rumors first started to fly May 2018, when Chopra and Jonas were spotted together attending a show at the Hollywood Bowl, followed by an LA Dodger's game — both within the same weekend. According to Chopra, the pair met around the time of the 2017 Met Gala, and since, fans have been ready to 'ship off the pair. And as time progressed, enthusiasts have been able to watch their relationship progress from casually dating, to cross-continental trips to visit Chopra's family in India, and now, to celebrating their recent engagement.

In case you were wondering, or couldn't tell from the recent pics shared from Chopra and Jonas' engagement bash, the former Jonas Brother's star is well liked by Madhu Chopra and family. When speaking on how her soon-to-be son-in-law fits within the Chopra clan, she said,

"Nick is calm and mature. He's a wonderful person and everyone in the family just loves him. He's so polite and respectful towards elders. What more can a mother want!"

And when it comes to the rest of the Jonas clique, Madhu Chopra seemingly couldn't be happier to merge families with them. She continued, saying,

"Nick enjoyed the prayers during the puja. It was a new thing for him and he took it seriously. He followed what our panditji said, and chanted the Sanskrit mantras accurately. Both he and his parents did it beautifully. They are nice people."

But, if anyone should ask Madhu Chopra her thoughts on the pair's upcoming wedding plans, she's totally prepared to give some input. Rightfully so, Chopra wants to see her daughter and Jonas to have a traditional Indian wedding on their big day. She said, "I haven't forced any of my thoughts on her, but I definitely want a traditional Indian wedding. That's my only wish." And considering how amazing Jonas and Chopra's engagement celebration appeared to be, listening to Madhu Chopra's suggestions just may work in their favor.