Here's How Long You Have To Wait To Find Out Who The Next Bachelor Is

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If you're itching to know who the next Bachelor will be now that Hannah's Bachelorette season is winding down, you shouldn't have to wait much longer. The 2020 Bachelor announcement will likely be coming up pretty soon, though not before the end of Hannah's season. Colton was announced as Bachelor on Good Morning America in early September of 2018, about a month after Becca's Bachelorette season finished airing, so we're probably looking at a similar time frame now. Of course, the announcement could also come during Hannah's After the Final Rose episode, so it could be even sooner, but it really depends whether or not the show has already chosen the next lead, or if they're still deciding.

Filming for Colton's season began just a couple weeks after he was publicly announced, so while viewers might be waiting a little longer than they'd like to find out who the new leading man is, the season will at least get kicking quickly. As for when The Bachelor will be debuting, that's usually something we can expect in January. In the meantime, you have Bachelor In Paradise — premiering August 3 — to look forward to.

As for who the next Bachelor will actually be? That's less certain, but there are a few leading contenders.


Mike was one of the most beloved guys on Hannah's season, and there's been a pretty constant campaign for him to give out the roses next. There are about thousand reasons he'd be perfect — he's emotionally mature, he seems ready to find a real partner, he's never had any issues with the other guys in the house (except for Luke, who had problems with everyone). There was no real reason Mike and Hannah didn't work out — she just didn't seem to be feeling him in that way. But in sending him home, Hannah said that he deserves love just as much as she does, basically setting up the first soundbite of his potential Bachelor career.


Peter is still in the running for Hannah's heart, but plenty of people are already rooting for him to be the next Bachelor if Hannah ends up sending him home. Especially after seeing how adorable his family was during hometown dates, and how seriously he seems to be taking this whole process, Peter would be a great choice. He'd invest wholeheartedly in being the Bachelor, and is sweet enough to carry a season.


Tyler is another contestant who could still end up with Hannah in the end, especially with how amazingly he handled their Fantasy Suite. And you better believe people would be tuning in if we got a full solo season of him — fans are straight up swooning over Tyler every chance they get. He comes off as a genuinely good guy, and is someone people definitely want to see more of.

These are the three frontrunners, but honestly, it could be anyone; Colton wasn't necessarily fans' top choice last season, and Arie was a really left-field pick. Regardless, we'll find out soon enough.

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