Fans May Have To Wait A While For The ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ Reboot To Premiere

Hollywood doesn't seem to be slowing its rollout of television reboots down anytime soon, especially after seeing the massive successes of ones like Will & Grace and Fuller House. If you've been itching for the when the Buffy the Vampire Slayer reboot will hit the small screen, recent developments may bring a bit of a damper. According Deadline, the details shared by chairman and CEO of Fox Television Group Gary Newman indicate that the reboot is still in the works, and so it's going to be a while before fans meet the new hero.

Since its announcing, fans of Sarah Michelle Gellar's Buffy phenom have been torn about the late '90s staple making its way back to television. Some felt as though a Buffy reboot simply isn't needed, while others were more confused about writer and showrunner Monica Owusu-Breen's plans to give the iconic series a new slayer, but still referring to it as "Buffy." On one hand, a character as dynamic as Buffy Summers could never be replaced. But in that same breath, how could passing the torch to another, newer slayer work within the Buffy universe?

Newman, however, feels as though the reboot's creators are on the right track, in terms of reported intentions to not revive old storylines and moving forward with a diverse lead, according to Deadline And while speaking during the 2018 Television Critics Association press tour about the script, said, "We've sat down with the creators and have had conversations with them about it. It's a very exciting prospect."

But while there have been conversations about the reboot's new direction, Newman reiterated at TCA that there's "actually no script to see" right now, according to Deadline.. He continued emphasizing his point, saying, "It's still fairly early, we haven't pitched it to any possible licensees yet."

Knowing that the Buffy reboot is still in its planning stages hasn't stopped fans from voicing concern over the proposed direction, however. And confusion surrounding what a reboot is, versus an actual show revival, had a ton of original Buffy fans up in arms. Calling it a "Buffy reboot" led many to believe that "a brand new Buffy Summers" would be brought into the fold. But because there could only really be one Buffy Summers, if a reboot must be done, it should introduce a new slayer, with a new name.

In a July 26 tweet, however, Owusu-Breen put frazzled minds at ease by clearing up her intent to not replicate "Joss Whedon's brillant and beauitful series," but rather to place a new slayer in today's world.

"There's only one Buffy," Owusu-Breen wrote. "They can't be replaced... I wouldn't try to." With that single line, Owusu-Breen totally proved why she's the perfect person for the job. And, according to Deadline, Newman totally agrees. Speaking at the press tour, the television exec, said:

"Monica Breen, who Joss worked with on one of his other series, is the person who would be day-to-day on the show, she's got a great take on the show, which if I told you I'd have to slit your throat, probably. It's not on an incredibly fast track, but we're hopeful that this one will come to pass."

It's going to be awhile before the Buffy reboot premieres, but maybe that's a good thing. Its creators are seemingly handling the iconic series with care, and that's all that fans could ask for.