Where Can You Buy The Shiseido Sailor Moon Collection? It Might Be A Little Tricky

Just because you're a grown adult doesn't mean you can't have Sailor Moon vibes in your makeup bag. I don't think many people would object to have some stars and moons smattering across their compacts and foundation caps, giving them major nostalgia as they put their makeup on. Shiseido Sailor Moon Collection will offer you just that, and it won't be that hard to get your hands on it. In fact, you'll never have to leave the couch to get it.

In honor of Sailor Moon's 25th anniversary this year, beauty brands are launching manga-inspired lines that will give you major childhood vibes. From wand eyeliner pens to jewel-encrusted compact cases, putting your makeup on just got a whole lot more exciting.

Shiseido's two-product line falls underneath their MAQuillAGE collection, and it will feature two cartoon-inspired foundation products, which are the Dramatic Skin Sensor Base UV and the Dramatic Powdery UV. "The former is a light base that is meant to create a smooth and seamless complexion, all the while minimizing the appearance pores or shine. The Dramatic Powdery UV, on the other hand, is a powder foundation that provides light coverage for everyday use," PopSugar reported. If you feel like you need these products in your life, then mark your calendar for April 21, when they launch online.

The Dramatic Skin Sensor Base UV, $52, Premium Bandai

But where can you buy the Shiseido Sailor Moon Collection? It might be a little tricky but it's doable. It's purchased through a Japanese site, so the translated Google version is going to be a little bit clunky to navigate through, but it will be simple enough. In order to nab it, you'll have to head over to the Japanese beauty site Premium Bandai. If you're worried it'll sell out, you an actually pre-order the products right now and wait stress-free until it comes in the mail.

The Dramatic Powdery UV, $61, Premium Bandai

While these cases might be a novelty, keep in mind that they come at a high-end price. For both products together, the bundled price costs 7,020 yen ($61). So if you're budget can allow it, you have a couple of months to save for the splurge. It will be well worth it to have a little Sailor Moon shimmer in your makeup bag.

Images: Premium Bandai (3)