Here's What AJ From 'Queer Eye' Is Doing Now

A highlight from the blessed new season of Queer Eye on Netflix is unquestionably the journey of AJ. And where is AJ from Queer Eye now? Before his time on the show, the young Atlanta professional seemingly lived two lives: He was a quiet, straitlaced office worker during the week, and partied with his friends in the queer community on the weekends. AJ had lost his father not too long ago, and his Queer Eye journey helped him come out as gay to his stepmother. It was so much. And so emotional. Not to mention, in one fell swoop, his stepmother learned that AJ was not only gay, but had a long-term partner named Dre!

In this season of Queer Eye, AJ was the only openly queer person to receive a makeover. Part of his makeover included embracing who he was, which included learning how to balance his sexuality with the rest of his personality. AJ's meaningful conversation with Karamo provided insight into why he felt so blocked off. Losing his father before he was able to come out, and not feeling confidence in his presentation as a gay man were just two of the obstacles the team were charged with helping him overcome. What's AJ from Queer Eye up to today? Let's take a look!

Just a few weeks after the series premiered, the Queer Eye Twitter account broke the exciting news to the world: AJ and Dre had gotten engaged! It was news that melted everyone's hearts. What an empowering journey AJ had on the show! Everyone thinks so, too. Even musician Lizzo posted a Queer Eye video to Twitter, where the singer is makeup-free and sobbing over her love for AJ's episode. It's not a lucky guess - she mentions AJ's episode by name! That warm sensation you just felt is every fan of Queer Eye hugging one another at the same time.

The Fab Five clearly makes an effort to keep in touch with their subjects. The Queer Eye Twitter account retweets photos from Tom Jackson's personal account, and Buzzfeed noticed that grooming expert Jonathan Van Ness will comment on Cory Waldrop's Instagram account. Most of the other makeover recipients appear on social media in some form, but not AJ and Dre. If they do have social media accounts, they're well-hidden. That's okay, though! Everyone is entitled to their privacy, and personal image is obviously something AJ has struggled with. Unfortunately, that makes it difficult for fans to keep up with his life! Does he still live in Atlanta? Did he come out to his coworkers? Design expert Bobby told Architectural Digest that after the remodel, AJ ended up selling his house and moving in with Dre:

About two weeks after we filmed that episode, I texted him [AJ], 'Hey, how's the house going? Does it feel like home yet?' He texts, 'It sold already.' I was like, 'What?' His boyfriend Dre had a house, so AJ moved in with him and they put the condo on the market."

Apart from that, it's hard to say! Since fans can't know what else they're up to for sure, they'll have to keep an eye on the Queer Eye Twitter account. The show's social media is an even mix of promotion and effusive self-love, so one can safely assume that if there's something AJ is ready to share, it'll be there first.

These happy tears for AJ have not dried. How can they, though? Every episode of Queer Eye is like a feelings factory, but AJ's personal journey just added to the resonance of his episode. He seems happy and healthy and secure, considering he's recently engaged to long-term and live-in partner Dre. Fingers and toes crossed that Queer Eye launches a follow-up series that drops in on the stars of Season 1. In the meantime, though, fans will just have to settle for glimpses of AJ's life as seen through the eyes of the show's Twitter account. At least he's comfortable letting people in a little bit more now! That's all anyone could ask for.