‘Queer Eye’ Fans Will Want To Know What Bobby Has Been Up To Since The Show


While no challenge is ever too big for the Fab Five, the upgrading of episode five's Bobby Camp definitely put the hosts to the test. Some grooming and a little life-coaching were able to get the loving father of six on a path to fabulousness. Of course, finding out where Bobby from Queer Eye is now has got to be a burning question for a lot of viewers. The Christian father left an impression on fans and the Fab Five alike.

If one thing was made clear throughout the episode (besides Bobby's unyielding love and devotion to his family), the hardworking father was stretched a little too thin. With working two jobs, being a member of his church, and raising six children with his wife Vera, Bobby didn't have much time for himself, and that's where the Fab Five came in. Not only did they transform the Camp family's household into a clutter-free zone, they also helped remind Bobby the importance of taking care of himself, in order to be a support for his household.

Design expert Bobby Berk helped Bobby turn his house from shabby to chic, while food aficionado Antoni Porowski showed Bobby how to make a mean chili that can be a hit for his family dinner meals and partygoers. Grooming connoisseur Jonathan Van Ness envisioned a sleek and stylist haircut for Bobby, and even stocked the kids with adorable kit and caboodle sets that'll help them stay put-together too. Fashion expert Tan France hooked Bobby up with a new and improved wardrobe, and culture maven Karamo Brown helped the father of six give his wife the redo reception she truly deserved.


Bobby appears to be laying low from social media these days, but by the looks of his wife's Instagram account, the Georgia resident seems to be putting his style in high gear. In a Feb. 22 post, Bobby smiled happily next to Vera while rocking a coral polo top, proving that the Fab Five's labor wasn't in vain. Van Ness should also be proud to know that Bobby appears to be keeping up with his sleek grooming routine, as his head and facial hair totally look on-point too.

According to BuzzFeed, Van Ness has been keeping in touch with family of eight, as of February, and announced that the Camps had an update with their living quarters. The hairstylist told BuzzFeed,

"Vera literally DMed me the day before yesterday and they moved to a different house with three bedrooms. [The kids] are still using their kits and caboodles, which is great."

Those obsessing over the show already know what to expect from the Fab Five by now — excellent life hacks and catchy one-liners — but this time around, the family man's emotional parting words to the Fab Five stole the show. It's no secret that some Christians have had a strained relationship with the LGBT community for centuries, and in the show, Berk chatted with Bobby about his views on the subject. Berk revealed in the episode that he, himself, didn't have the best relationship with the Christian church, and seeing as Bobby, a devout Christian, invited a team of gay life-stylists into his home openly, Berk wanted to get a handle on his actual beliefs.


The kind-hearted family man let Berk know where he stood. In the show's emotional closing, Bobby shared the same message to the rest of the team. He said,

"Growing up the way we did, homosexuals were not accepted, and they still aren’t in a lot of church environments. But in the Camp family, they are. In our hearts, they are. And we want you guys to know you have been loved here."

Needless to say, Bobby's Queer Eye episode not only touched hearts, but could have very well helped to change a lot of hearts too. And as long as the father of six continues to approach life with the same openness he had with the Queer Eye experience, he'll be able to tackle any obstacle headed his way.