Bronn May Be MIA On 'Game Of Thrones,' But Probably Not For Long

Macall B. Polay/HBO

The Game of Thrones cast has dwindled in its later seasons as audiences have watched fan favorites die left and right — usually at the hands of either wights or Arya Stark. But most of the remaining characters are accounted for, with most of them being in either King's Landing or Winterfell — except for Bronn. Bronn doesn't appear to be in either of the final season's key locations on Game of Thrones, so where is Bronn? What is Bronn up to? Audiences know that Bronn has been given a mission that he may or may not carry out — so will he do it or will he simply fade away from the series with no explanation of where he went, like Illyn Payne or Edmure Tully?

The last that fans saw of Bronn, Cersei was offering him a bounty for murdering Jaime and Tyrion. The Lannisters have frequently employed Bronn's services, first as a guard and fighter for Tyrion and later as a traveling companion to Jaime during their adventures in Dorne. Now, the final Lannister sibling has made an offer to Bronn, asking him to kill her brothers, his former employers, and possibly two of his closest friends.

Bronn always presented himself as a lone wolf, but ever since he started working with the Lannisters, his life has gotten a lot better. At one point he even had a castle and a high-born wife, although he didn't seem to be particularly fond of either. Bronn even saved Jaime from a dragon in Season 7 — so is Bronn really going to kill two of the only people in the world who saw him as something more than a sellsword?

The final season of Game of Thrones has been delivering major character deaths and redemptions left and right, and it's possible that the show has the same treatment in mind for Bronn. Just as Theon's final moments involved him sacrificing himself for the family he caused so much pain to and proving he's more than a monster, Bronn may be given the opportunity to prove that he cares about something more than money. While the Golden Company that Cersei employs has never broken a contract, someone like Bronn probably won't think twice about cutting loose if it means sparing the Lannister brothers who didn't choose to commit a terrorist act against their own city. Audiences know that Bronn has an important choice to make — but as for the matter of where he is geographically, or if he really is on his way to kill Jamie and Tyrion, that's anyone's guess.

Audiences know that Cersei instructed Bronn to go to Winterfell, which means he's somewhere between King's Landing and the Stark's home, which would rule out him being in the Southern parts of Westeros like Dorne and Highgarden. The quickest route between the two is the Kingsroad, which takes him right past Moat Cailin. It's not a very nice location, but the ruined towers have been featured in the series before and could serve as a resting spot for the armies of Dany and Jon as they march south for King's Landing. If Bronn doesn't turn up in Winterfell, chances are he'll be trying to intercept Jaime and Tyrion at Moat Cailin — that, or he's taken Cersei's money and fled to Essos until the whole thing blows over.