12 Theories About 'Game Of Thrones' Season 8 Now That The Night King Has Been Defeated

Helen Sloan/HBO

Spoilers ahead for Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 3. During "The Long Night," Arya stabbed the Night King with her Valyrian steel dagger and the army of the dead is seemingly done with. With three episodes left in the final season, this leaves the show wide open for possibilities. Based on some Game Of Thrones Season 8 theories, fans should brace themselves for more death. And a whole lot more of Cersei.

The Battle of Winterfell had a number of casualties, but the side of the living won in the end due to a girl who does have a name, Arya Stark. While no one would say this battle that took up 82 minutes of screentime was necessarily easy, it's kind of a shock that the Night King was actually killed by the end of just the third episode this season. The White Walkers have been a threat on Game of Thrones since the very first scene of the series, but now that the Night King and his army of wights, White Walkers, and giants (among other creatures) has been seemingly defeated, what's left for the remaining characters to do?

If you're feeling lost about what will happen next, you're not alone. Here are 12 theories about the end of Game of Thrones that show there's still plenty of great TV moments in store.

Arya Will Kill Cersei

Melisandre and Arya's reunion during the Battle of Winterfell recalled their Season 3 meeting where the Red Woman noted the brown, blue, and green eyes that Arya would shut forever. While there is some debate over some character's eye colors, Arya has already killed someone with brown eyes (Meryn Trant) and someone with blue eyes (the Night King). So to truly fulfill Melisandre's prophecy, Arya just might need to kill the green-eyed Cersei and cross that name off her death list. But, as some fans have pointed out, Littlefinger had green eyes too, so this death might not be hers to take. Which while that might be a bummer for some fans, don't forget she just killed the Night King, so she got perhaps the most epic kill of the entire series.

Jaime Will Kill Cersei

Instead of Arya killing Cersei, many fans want the valonqar prophecy from the books to happen. That prophecy dictates that her younger brother will kill her and while Tyrion was the frontrunner for a while, Jaime being the one to do it feels even more right to many fans.

Sansa & Tyrion Will Return To King's Landing

Sansa's allegiance is to the North, but would she be willing to venture down South again to face off with Cersei one last time? With her former husband by her side, she might be more emboldened. Especially since fans were feeling the love between Sansa and Tyrion when they thought they would die down in the crypts together.

Daenerys Will Need Yara's Reinforcements

Theon died a hero and a good man when he attacked the Night King for Bran. But his sister Yara sat the Battle of Winterfell out after heading back to the Iron Islands. Since many members of Daenerys' army have died (including almost all of the Dothraki), the Mother of Dragons might need to recruit Yara's Ironborn forces before facing Cersei and the Golden Company. And Yara finding out how Theon died is bound to be emotional.

Arya & Gendry Will Continue Their Romance

In the preview for the fourth episode, it sure looks like Arya is kissing Gendry again. So their night-before-battle sex scene may not be a one-time thing. Based on Arya winning the whole damn battle, Gendry should be really feeling the love for his lady. And since he's a Baratheon, some fans want Gendry and Arya to rule Westeros.

Euron & Cersei Will Marry

Euron is on one knee in front of Cersei in the preview for Episode 4, so will they throw together a quick wedding? If so, Game of Thrones fans know that weddings always end in some major bloodshed.

Bronn Will Kill Jaime & Tyrion

Yes, it was only in the Season 8 premiere, but it feels like so long ago that Cersei sent Qyburn to task Bronn with killing her brothers. Yet, Bronn won't kill his two buddies just for money, right? Right?!

Cersei Will Kill Brienne

Brienne seemed set up to die in the Battle of Winterfell, but she survived alongside Jaime and their bond will probably be stronger than ever now. So what is Cersei kills Brienne and that's what inspires Jaime to kill his sister?

Grey Worm & Missandei Will Leave Daenerys

Missandei and Grey Worm already made their plan to leave Westeros once Daenerys has the throne. So while it's doubtful, maybe coming face-to-face with the dead might inspire them to leave their leader sooner rather than later.

The North Will Fight For Daenerys

Daenerys took her eye off the Iron Throne prize and lost most of her army in the fight against the Night King. She protected the North (and the rest of Westeros), so even though the North wants their independence, they should fight for her in the battle for the Iron Throne ... especially cause she's going to need all the help she can get.

Daenerys Will Be Pregnant With Jon's Baby

Jon and Daenerys aren't on the best terms after his Targaryen confession, but they might have to maintain their (ahem) very close nephew-aunt relationship if Dany is pregnant with his baby. But also, a three-fourths Targaryen and one-fourth Stark baby would certainly help out with the whole succession question.

The Night King Will Rise Again

If you really thought the Night King fell too easily, then you may be into this terrifying theory that he will come back after Daenerys, Jon, and company beats Cersei. Game of Thrones is known to be cruel, so don't rule it out.

Some of these theories seem more legit than others, but perhaps take a lesson from what happened during "The Long Night" and don't anticipate anything fans come up with to come true. Because Game of Thrones enjoys subverting viewers' expectations.