Danny Wants To Stop A Triad War On ‘Iron Fist’ Season 2 — These Are The Key Players

Linda Kallerus/Netflix

In The Defenders, Matt Murdock left Danny Rand with the task of defending New York City and the Iron Fist takes that responsibility seriously. Spoilers for Episodes 1-6 of Iron Fist Season 2 follow. Now that the Hand has been defeated, the Golden Tigers and the Hatchets on Iron Fist are about to become embroiled in a triad war. A triad is a secret Chinese criminal organization and these two factions are at odds without the Hand no longer in control of New York City. This potential triad war is new to Iron Fist Season 2, but at least one of these groups should be familiar to viewers of Netflix's Marvel series. And while things certainly look grim at the beginning of the season, circumstances involving Danny's Iron Fist power may just result in a peace agreement between these warring gangs.

The Hand is gone from New York City and that's definitely a good thing. But their removal has left a power struggle between the remaining gangs. At the beginning of Iron Fist Season 2, the Golden Tigers are invading Hatchet territory. Danny's moving company colleague Albert warns him that this will result in more kids joining gangs and death. "All the old truces are being thrown to the wind," Albert tells Danny. "Last time there was a triad war, it wasn't pretty."

The Hatchets are an organized crime gang, but Danny has had to align with their leader Mr. Yang before. In Iron Fist Season 1, the triad gang attacked Danny and Joy. The Iron Fist went straight to the boss of the Yangshi Gongsi, Mr. Yang, and found out he had sent his people to kidnap Joy since he was mad that the Rand Company had broken their deal with the piers. But once Yang knew the Hand was involved, he stepped back and formed a temporary alliance with Danny.

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Mr. Yang also appeared in Luke Cage Season 2 when Mariah Dillard wanted to get involved in the drug trade. In Iron Fist Season 2, the Yangshi Gongsi are the Hatchets (so named for the weapons they use) and the Golden Tigers are fighting them for power. B.B. tells Colleen that the Hatchets plan to take out the Tigers since Mr. Yang's nephew was killed when the Tigers tried to rob the Hatchets' armored car.

In order to stop a full-blown triad war, Colleen and Danny decide to confer with Mr. Yang. When he doesn't listen, they turn to his wife Mrs. Yang and appeal to her. Luckily it works. She convinces her husband to hold a meeting for the sake of peace. However, Davos has also been interacting with the leader of the Hatchets, and when Mr. Yang won't give Davos the access to the piers that he wants, Davos causes Mr. Yang to have a stroke in "The City's Not For Burning." Intense, right?

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With Mr. Yang out of the picture, Danny and Colleen accompany Mrs. Yang to the scheduled meeting in "This Deadly Secret." But it falls apart when Danny panics because he sees something outside. He believes the Golden Tigers have planned something, but Misty reveals later that it was the police who were at the meeting. But the damage is already done and peace talks are put on hold yet again.

However, once Davos becomes the Steel Serpent by taking the power of the Iron Fist, he is not interested in negotiating with these mobsters like Danny is. He decides to take out the Hatchets and the Golden Tigers one by one. That means that there's a chance that Danny could have these gangs strike a deal again before Season 2 is through. Because just like Danny united with the Hatchets to fight their common enemy of the Hand, these triads may need to join forces if they want to survive the Steel Serpent.