This New 'SNL' Cast Member Should Look Familiar To Netflix Fans

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Saturday Night Live is adding some new faces to its roster ahead of Season 43. Announced Tuesday, the Emmy award-winning show will welcome actor and comedian Chris Redd to the stage during its Sept. 30 season premiere. But, who exactly is SNL's Chris Redd, you ask? The talent may look super familiar to Netflix fiends.

The St. Louis native plays "Dank" on the streaming platform's new comedy Disjointed, which premiered August 25. Disjointed is about a cannabis advocate named Ruth, and follows her as she tries to run a successful dispensary in Los Angeles. Legendary actor Kathy Bates takes on the lead character, and actor and standup comedian Tone Bell plays opposite Bates as Carter, the ex-soldier turned dispensary security guard who suffers from post traumatic stress disorder.

In the series, Redd's character makes up half of the YouTube marijuana enthusiast duo Dank & Dabby — with comedian Betsy Sodaro as "Dabby." Dank & Dabby are expert stoners, and serve as ambassadors for the show's fake-dispensary Ruth's Alternative Caring. Together, Redd and Sodaro are absolutely hilarious, and act as the comedic relief in most cases throughout the series. And seeing as Redd can more than hold his own in the Netflix comedy, adding "SNL performer" to his resume feels like the right move for him to make.

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A Season 2 renewal for the new show has yet to be announced, but according to Deadline, Redd had to clear his schedule with Netflix before officially signing on. The SNL announcement couldn't have come at a better time for fans of Redd's work, because while waiting for Disjointed's second-season confirmation, they'll totally have something to fawn over.

Joining Redd as the new kids on the block are actors and comedians Heidi Gardner and Luke Null. The three come to SNL after the departure of Sasheer Zamata, Bobby Moynihan, and Vanessa Bayer at the close of Season 42. Lucky for the newbies, however, they will still have some show veterans to lookup to onset — including Kenan Thompson, who is performing for his 15th season.

Not only will SNL be adding some new talent onscreen, the sketch comedy show is also gaining a few more creative brains in the writer's room as well — seven to be exact. So, fans should totally prepare themselves to witness some fresh witticism in the upcoming season.

Redd and his Season 43 cast mates will have some big shoes to fill, seeing as Season 42 was the most watched one in 23 years. Oh, and when thinking about how the show cleaned up at 69th Primetime Emmys Awards Sept. 17, all of the new faces — both in front and behind the camera — better be prepared to bring nothing less than their A-game. The show took home nine Emmy during the event, bringing its career total up to an astounding 64 awards. And as fas as SNL creator and producer Lorne Michaels is concerned, it's only proof that the show is better than ever.

When reflecting on the 2017 Emmys domination, Michaels says,

“I remember the first time we won this award. It was after our first season in 1976, and I remember thinking as I was standing there alone that this was it, this was the high point. There would never be another season as crazy, as unpredictable, as frightening, or exhilarating. I was wrong.”

There's no better way to test your comedic skillset than to appear on a show like SNL, and Redd getting the opportunity to flex his muscle on the legendary stage is no small feat. And as for SNL, adding Redd to the roster was a total win. He's definitely proven himself to be an awesome comedic presence onscreen throughout his career. And if he keeps heading down the same path, the talent will become a household name before sooner than later.