Tom Hiddleston Has A Quiet Love Life Post T. Swift

by Courtney Lindley
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When it comes to 2016's celebrity breakups, nothing confounded the masses more than the quick affair and subsequent split of Hiddleswift. It was here — in Rome, and on July 4th — and then, it wasn't. Now, with settled dust, we're left wondering who Tom Hiddleston is dating after Taylor Swift. The most unexpected "it" couple was the nascent Hollywood romance that peaked too soon. At least we'll always have the rocky shores of New England to remember it by.

After a cool, casual "I [heart] T.S." shirt-wearing three month relationship, Hiddleston and Swift threw up the deuces to their whirlwind romance. Since then, both have kept their distance from the press and presumably from each other. Though, Hiddleston has taken a mature route in not dragging Swift into any drama about which Loki lines of his she may or may not have penned under the pseudonym Nils Sjoberg. Which is more than she can say of exes past, if you know what I'm spinning.

Few people were actually surprised by the split, given how fast the affair seemed to develop. It was like watching a very pretty, very tall, very blonde, automobile accident. We knew both vehicles shouldn't have been going at that speed limit, directed so blindly towards each other, with the entire world cramming them into a romantic pressure cooker alongside Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, but still, we were curious to see the resulting debris. I mean, some of us were more than others.

The debris being, what comes next for Hiddleswift, which I suppose shouldn't be their moniker anymore, given that they are no longer eligible for a catchy portmanteau. Naturally, since the split, the rumor mill has followed Swift's every move. Was she dating Drake or were they just two friends who adored standing close to each other in coordinating outfits? What about Zac Efron? What about Ben Affleck? What about your uncle? She definitely dated at least one of those aforementioned humans right?

As double standards go, people haven't been scrupulously dissecting Hiddleston's romantic pursuits since the split. In fact, no one seems too sure of Hiddleston's current place in the dating pool. Whether he's keeping a low profile, scouting for leads on eHarmony, or writing songs about Swift in private, who knows. All of the above are possibilities, but nothing's been confirmed. Right now, all we know is that he's not dating anyone in the public eye. But, don't hold your breath for when that day comes. After the media maelstrom that was Hiddleswift, it only seems natural that the actor would be gun-shy going forward. (He probably won't be buying any more of those "I heart [insert initials]" tees anymore, is what I'm saying.)

This brings us to today. Hiddleston's up for a 2017 Golden Globe. Specifically, he nagged a Best Actor in a Mini-Series nomination for The Night Manager. At this point, Hiddleston knows that if he brings anyone to that ceremony, the media will pounce on him faster than you can say "Look, the truth is that Taylor Swift and I are together, and we’re very happy." More than likely, he'll be riding that red carpet solo.

Jokes aside, Hiddleston and Swift don't need each other — or any other romantic partner — to be noticed or celebrated. Here's to hoping they find the right person at the right time, and that we, collectively, don't shove magnifying glasses so close to their faces next time — and end up burning them in the process. Though, in all honesty, considering the obsession with Swift's romances, that's more of a pipe dream than a realistic plea.