The Timeline Of The Hiddleston & T. Swift Rumors

The world of celebrity romance may have a new reigning queen and king. Photos of Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift looking cozy by the seaside have surfaced, leading fans of the movie star and world famous singer reeling at the idea of a possible romance. (In response to the photos, Bustle reached out to Hiddleston and Swift's reps for comment — Swift's rep has yet to respond, while Hiddleston's rep had no comment.) After all, Swift only recently went through a breakup with longtime beau Calvin Harris, and Hiddleston has always been notoriously quiet about his romantic life. Could Hiddleston and Swift really be dating, and if they are, how did the duo even get together? Never fear, I have constructed a Hiddleston and Swift timeline that maps out how these two star-crossed celebs could have went from dating other people to holding hands in a scenic locale.

The timeline includes a look back at the Calvin Harris breakup, Hiddleston's never-confirmed-but-still-possible romance with Marvel and I Saw the Light co-star Elizabeth Olsen, a fateful dance at the 2016 Met Gala Ball, and just how important Hiddleston and Swift's dance could be a retrospect. Are you ready for some major celebrity love speculation? Let's dive deep into the enigma that is Hiddleston and Swift and see how these two crazy kids may have (potentially) ended up together, while trying not to think about how those seaside pictures could just as easily be from a music video shoot.

July 2015: Hiddleston & Olsen Dating Rumors Swirl

Rumors of a Hiddleston and Olsen romance have been going around since at least 2015, even though the duo knew each other as far back as 2011. While a relationship was never confirmed, 2015 and early 2016 belonged to the duo as they worked on and then did press for I Saw the Light.

March 2016: Swift & Harris Celebrate One-Year Anniversary

In March 2016, Harris took to Snapchat to share the one year anniversary of his relationship with Swift. The duo dined on cake to mark the important relationship milestone.

May 2016: Hiddleston Declares He Is Still Single

Monica Schipper/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In an interview with Esquire U.K., Hiddleston finally opened up about his relationship status. "Still single, dude! Last of the Mohicans!" Hiddleston told Esquire.

May 2016: Hiddleston & Swift Dance At The Met Gala

Worlds collided at the Met Gala when Hiddleston and Swift took to the dance floor to bust a move when Beyoncé's "Crazy in Love" came on.

June 2016: Harris & Swift Breakup

Jason Kempin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Two weeks after Harris was involved in a car accident, Swift and Harris broke up. Harris tweeted fans to assure them their relationship ended on good terms.

June 2016: Rumors Surface That The Hiddleston & Swift Dance Was A Contributing Factor In The Breakup

Mike Pont/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When rumors started spreading that Hiddleston and Swift's adorable dance may have been a contributing factor in Swift's breakup with Harris, they seemed way too absurd to be true. Would Harris really get that jealous over a dance? Who knows, but the rumors only seem stranger now.

June 2016: Romantic Photos Of Hiddleston & Swift Surface, Internet Loses Collective Mind

Photos of Hiddleston and Swift holding hands, kissing, and just generally being super couple-y land on the internet. While it is unclear if the duo is dating or working on a project together, rumors of a romance are flying.

Now: Harris Deletes Supportive End Of Relationship Tweet

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Post-breakup, Harris tweeted out, "The only truth here is that a relationship came to an end & what remains is a huge amount of love and respect." Swift retweeted Harris' sentiments, making their breakup seem very amicable. Then The Sun released those Hiddleston and Swift photos, and Harris deleted his tweet from the face of the Internet. Yeah, that happened.

The Dance, In Retrospect

Did that one, admittedly goofy, but oh so cute dance really send sparks flying between Swift and Hiddleston? In retrospect, they look comfortable with each other and they were clearly having fun. Hiddleston let loose with his silliest, but also most dapper moves — come on, who twirls if they aren't trying to impress someone? As for Swift, she sweetly encourages Hiddleston to keep doing his thing. Even the song choice — "Crazy in Love" — seems telling now. The Met Ball is a romantic locale, so if these two were going to fall for each other anywhere, it was probably there.

If Swift and Hiddleston are the real deal, they might have one of the most romantic meet cute stories ever. I mean their possible relationship started at an actual ball like they in a Disney movie. The past couple of years have been interesting, relationship wise, for both Hiddleston and Swift, but if it led to them finding each other, their crazy ride could definitely have been worth it.