Sorry, But Becca's Reason For Dumping Blake On 'The Bachelorette' Made Zero Sense

ABC/Paul Hebert

After competing on Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s Bachelor season, Bekah Martinez has plenty of opinions about the franchise, and she's dishing all to Bustle. Read what Bekah has to say about Becca's final choice in this week's recap.

Last night was the fateful finale. Tears were abundant, and eagles in stomachs fluttered (er...flapped?). I have to write a disclaimer that I was completely #TeamBlake throughout this season, but I’m trying to be at least a little objective. Let’s get right into it though, there’s a lot to cover!

Garrett's Date

Garrett’s open display of emotion was touching. The tears came naturally and he didn’t try to stop them. Garrett usually seems like a walking book of cliches, but that weak spot in my heart melted whenever he teared up and talked about cute sh*t like Becca’s freckles. It was the first time I really understood his appeal. I haven’t been able to get a solid read on him throughout the season — is he just quiet, or just incredibly simple? Is his personality getting edited out? Regardless, Becca’s feelings for him have been crystal clear. Becca has said throughout the season that Garrett is similar to her father. She always brought up how much her dad would like him. When you’ve lost a key person in your life, you look for them in everyone and everything. When Becca was considering who she “couldn’t live without,” I knew it had to be Garrett. She’s already had to say goodbye to her father, so there’s no way she was going to say goodbye to a man who felt like a small piece of her dad.

Blake's Date & Breakup

Blake approached the family conversations like a job interview. The poor guy was talking so fast and it seemed like he had rehearsed his answers in the mirror a million times. Fortunately, the family was still a huge fan. Hearing her sister’s opinion was surprising. I saw her connect more with Garrett at first, but she was pretty much #TeamBlake. She basically said flat-out, “Yeah Garrett’s fun and he’ll be a good dad, but Blake is WAY better for you.” Becca did not want to hear that. She was visibly upset. She didn’t hide it throughout their dates at all, really. I saw the same flash of anxiety in Becca’s face when she stood next to Blake as when she stood next to Jason the week before. NOOOOO. That was the beginning of the end. She knew it wasn’t him yet it continued to drag on. Becca couldn’t even look him in the eyes. She was holding herself back with him, physically and emotionally. When he showed her the scrapbook, she had this light-hearted surface-level voice on, like “Awwww, that’s cute! Thanks, bud!”

The worst part is that Blake knew. He said it over and over. He’s an intuitive man, and he saw it in her eyes and just knew. Even I had eagles in my stomach watching Blake walk to the platform hoping for a proposal. C’MON, BECCA. I love you girl, but you really let the man talk and gave him little smiles and sh*t until he was basically on one knee before stopping him?! What the fuuuuuuuh. Did producers ask Becca to pull that? She should’ve stopped listening to their advice after they let Arie dump her on national television.

The Proposal & After The Final Rose

The proposal was sweet and Becca does seem so very happy and giddy. THAT RING. IS. BEAUTIFUL. I love the yellow gold! It’s so classic and lovely and very well-suited to Becca. Good job, Garrett. Did she give you some pointers off-camera?

There were just so many little injustices from this finale that I was left with more of a bitter taste in my mouth than a warm feeling in my heart. I’m sorry... Blake getting in his head about the woman he loves being with ANOTHER MAN on a competitive game show is a red flag?! How? He was being realistic about the possibility of her getting engaged to someone else, and he had NO idea what her relationship with Garrett was like. He had anxiety about a gut feeling, which ended up being RIGHT... so that means he wouldn’t know how to handle a child being sick? That made zero sense.

He was an emotional wreck because he was in love with a woman but knew deep down she wasn’t going to pick him, and I’m sure producers were reassuring him and telling him it would be him in the end. Being in that situation is a total mindf*ck, and Becca knows that. Anyone without super-human self-control should come a little unhinged if they’re truly head over heels in love.

Lastly, the “likes” discussion. I’m really glad it was brought up. Garrett had that PR statement memorized like a champ; I was unimpressed. Unless I somehow missed it, he didn’t really address why or how the ideas he inadvertently supported were WRONG. I know a lot of people are saying that we should just “get over it, he apologized, be happy for them” etc., but that is coming from a place of privilege. It takes a certain mindset and worldview to follow an account like that and like those posts. It’s a mindset that is insidious and damaging to the marginalized groups it attacks. Muslims are not terrorists, immigrant children and transgender individuals are human beings with rights, and school shooting victims (like Blake!) are not crisis actors. Views that state otherwise are dangerous.

That being said, people do grow, and I hope Becca can help educate Garrett to be more inclusive and accepting of people who are different than him.

Becca seems to be over the moon with Garrett. Regardless of anyone’s beliefs, I hope they have a lifetime of happiness and love ahead of them, and make lots of cute fly-fishing-loving babies. It’s been a fun season. Thanks for following my ramblings and musings. Slightly Bitter Bekah is over and out! Happy Paradise Season, people!