Why Boxer Ann Wolfe Is The Perfect Addition To 'Wonder Woman'

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Fans have had a hunch that boxer Ann Wolfe would appear in Wonder Woman in April 2016 when actor Connie Nielsen, who will portray Queen Hippolyta in the upcoming film, shared a photo hanging out with some work pals with the caption, "with my family of Amazons." The image has since been taken down along with an image of a tiger (!) that may or may not be appear in the film as Wonder Woman's sidekick. But March 14, 2017, director Patty Jenkins tweeted a confirmation about Wolfe's casting as the Amazonian Artemis, excitedly sharing "The legend @AnnWolfeBoxing is our Artemis!! Who else should be one of the greatest warrior Amazons, but the best female boxer in history." Ann Wolfe is the perfect addition to Wonder Woman.

Wolfe, who has world titles in three different weight classes simultaneously, is considered by the Woman Boxing Archive Network to be the hardest puncher and best fighter in the history of women's boxing. Jenkins is so right, what better role could there for such an awe-inspiring fighter than as one of the strongest warrior Amazons? This casting choice, as well as other factors including the fact that this is the first feature film that actually follows Wonder Woman, prove that Wonder Woman has "heavy-duty girl-power" written all over it."

In DC comic lore, Artemis is from the Bana-Mighdal (which means Temple of Women in her people's language) tribe of Amazons that live in Egypt. Before Artemis was born, the Amazons in Greek split into two groups — one led by Diana's mother, Hippolyta who traveled to the magical island of is Themyscira to protect the doorway to the underworld, and the other led by Antiope, who migrated around the Middle East and settled in Egypt. While Queen H.'s people were given immortality, the Bana-Mighdallian Amazons had to mate with plain, boring humans, so Artemis' father was just a normal old dad. Artemis' people craft weapons and work as mercenaries in exchange for money and slaves to procreate with (yikes). When Wonder Woman discovers the partner Amazon tribe, the rest of the Bana-Mighdallians aren't pleased, but Artemis remains an ally.

Artemis becomes one of Wonder Woman's most useful and loyal allies due to her strength and skills with weapons. It's no surprise Wolfe, who is also very strong, clinched the role but it's certainly exciting!

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I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm pretty excited for all these cool new lady role models we're about to get come the film's release June 2, 2017.