Here's Why Zayn Mailk Might Have Mysteriously Deleted All Of His Instagram Photos

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you heard a rip in the fabric of the pop music universe earlier, you were not imagining it. Why did Zayn Malik delete his Instagram photos? What could it mean? Is he just being dramatic, or could new music, a new brand— or even a new Zayn be on the way? The singer and former member of One Direction wiped clear his Instagram, and not just of photos taken by or with recent ex-girlfriend, the model Gigi Hadid. His Instagram page is empty now. Not a single picture to be found. Not a trace of Zayn is there; not even a hint of what's to come.

Is he just feeling emo, or is he preparing to roll out a new album, like when Taylor Swift deleted her Instgram photos leading up to the release of her album Reputation? It's worth noting that Zayn's Twitter account is still intact.

Fans have been searching for answers on Twitter, and are coming up short so far. Some have noticed that his former band members have unfollowed his page. Is it shade, though, or all part of Zayn 3.0? Plus, some longtime Zayn stans pointed out that he's been deleting his social media presence on occasion dating at least back to 2015. This might not be a new thing for him. Until Zayn reveals why he deleted his Instagram photos, fans will be clamoring for news. And mad. Clamoring and mad.

It's anxiety-inducing to watch one of your favorite celebrities disappear from social media, especially when you don't know what's going on. Announced hiatuses are one thing; a vanishing act is something else entirely. While fans think it's about Zayn prepping to introduce a new aesthetic (and new tunes), they don't have any evidence. A potentially photoshopped tweet is floating around — one the account that posted it claims was originally tweeted by the singer — that suggests Zayn was laughing at the concept of announcing new music soon.

Some Zayn fans hypothesized that in the absence of new music, it's possible Zayn chose to wipe his Instagram to clear it of images of himself and his ex. The idea of a heartbroken Zayn deleting his entire Instagram just so he wouldn't have to look at photos of himself with his ex is kind of charming, no matter how you feel about the singer these days. It would make the most sense that his social media team is preparing to roll out advertising for a new album and a new look, and wouldn't want anything on the page that clashes with an edgy rebrand. Until Zayn himself chooses to spill the proverbial beans, it's almost impossible to know for sure.

If fans were hoping Zayn would instead divulge his secrets on Twitter, they'll have to wait a lot longer. The singer released a statement on his split from Hadid in March, but has not been an active user since then.

He appeared at the 2018 Grammy awards, and later released a single that he admitted leaked online. His posts before the recent promo are sparse; he tweeted occasionally in January 2018, and before that, most of his messages to fans came in November 2017 and September 2017. Instagram really had been his social medium of choice, so this sudden absence has fans trying to put together jumbled pieces of a Zayn-shaped puzzle.

So, why did Zayn delete his Instagram, and why hasn't he said anything about it? Your guess is as good as anyone's, for the moment. The best fans can do is cross their fingers and hope it means new music is on the way. Or at the very least, he's in the process of songwriting. An Instagram feed free of Zayn is a bleak place, indeed.