Psy Didn't Perform At The Closing Ceremony & Twitter Would Like To Know Why

Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Over the past few weeks, Olympic fans have witnessed everything from shirtless Tonga guy at the opening ceremony, to amazing gold medal moments — like when Chloe Kim won in the women's snowboarding halfpipe — to the heart-catching drama that is curling. But one thing that was clearly missing from it all? Psy at the Olympic closing ceremonies. And pretty much everywhere else.

During the Olympic opening ceremony on Feb. 9, host country South Korea showed off their culture with light shows, performances by hundreds of female drummers, and (of course) the beloved dancers who clapped tirelessly for hours during the Parade of Nations.

But one element that was clearly missing was a performance by Psy, who's famous not only for his catchy song "Gangnam Style," but also for his dance moves and amazing style. (I mean, it's been years since that song went viral, and I still want a pair of his famous glasses.)

We did get to hear "Gangnam Style" play briefly in the background during the opening ceremony. But that paled in comparison to an actual performance, which many viewers at home felt they wanted and deserved. And then it happened again during the closing ceremonies. There was no Psy to be seen.

Instead of having the king of South Korean music come out and do his thing, we were entertained with the musical stylings of Martin Garrix from the Netherlands. In case you're wondering, Garrix is a 21-year-old DJ who has collaborated with the likes of David Guetta, Troye Sivan and Dua Lipa. And he was great. But he wasn't Psy. And people aren't happy about it.

Everyone Was Pretty Confused

It did seem like an odd choice, what with all the South Korean performers to choose from. And yet the powers that be went with someone from Europe. Hmm...

Others Were Frustrated

I'm not sure who did the deciding when it came to choosing the musical lineup for the night, but fans were pretty bummed about the lack of South Korean musicians.

There Was No Psy To Be Found

Forget the closing ceremony. It would have been so fun to see Psy running around throughout the games, or cheering (or dancing) from the stands. Or, maybe he could have danced after every gold medal South Korea won? Just a suggestion for next time...

He Felt Like *Such* A Shoe In

One would think.

After All, He's The International Face Of K-Pop

Psy may not have performed at the closing ceremonies, but another K-Pop sensation, CL, certainly did. The South Korean singer, who is from Seoul, performed her hit "The Baddest Female," singing both in English and Korean while surrounded by dancers and pyrotechnics. NBD.

We also go to see EXO, another K-Pop group who killed it with their dance moves and great hair. They've been around since 2012, topping the charts in South Korea and wooing fans. But now that they're known to the world, people are predicting they may be the next best thing in K-Pop.

Consider It "Failure City"

A Travesty

Very Disappointed

So many people were disappointed, and for good reason! Psy is such a well-known performer from South Korea, it would have made perfect sense to have him there for the opening ceremony, the closing ceremony, and everywhere in-between. But no...

Global Pop Sensation

Such A Let Down

They Dropped The Ball

Another letdown was the absence of BTS, the K-Pop group that has been sweeping the world. While their hit song "DNA" played at the opening ceremony, they weren't at either event IRL.

And as with Psy, it was surprising since BTS is well-known, even outside of South Korea. They've even made an appearance at the American Music Awards in 2017, and clearly have fans all over the world. And Olympic ice dancing brother/sister pair, Maia and Alex Shibutani, have admitted they're "obsessed."

Moms Were Let Down

Where Is He?

Turns Out, The People Didn't Get What They Wanted

And It Was A Bummer

But, even without a performance from Psy, the Olympic closing ceremonies were still a sight to behold, and tons of fun.